Seahawks New Uniforms: Seattle's Nike Makeover Foreshadows Future NFL Uni Change

Zach KruseSenior Analyst IApril 5, 2012

The Seattle Seahawks' complete uniform makeover from Nike is likely only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the changes that may be coming to other NFL jerseys in the five-year future with the revolutionary company. 

Expect the Seahawks to be joined by a long line of teams as Nike looks to imprint its vision on the NFL uniform landscape. Seattle is likely just the prototype for future change.

That change saw its beginnings this week.  

Seattle Times
Seattle Times

On Tuesday, the NFL and Nike unveiled its new jersey line, with many teams sticking with their old template and design. The Seahawks, however, represented the one team that got a completely new look, as Seattle went forward with Nike's first real jump into a futuristic look at the NFL level.

The Seahawks stayed mostly mono-chromed dark blue, but they added more neon green and gray into the overall look. The numbers are completely new, as are the distinctive striping that includes 12 feather prints to honor the Seahawks' 12th-man mantra. Seattle's helmets also got a slight makeover, and a gray alternate jersey was added.

Overall, the look is completely revolutionary at the NFL level and really has no comparison from the other 31 teams.    

Of course, Nike has become well known for its innovative changes made to the college game.

The University of Oregon has more uniform combinations than any known football team in the history of the planet, and I'm sure Nike has a few more planned for the upcoming 2012 season. Not everyone has embraced the musical chairs approach to Oregon's look, but it's undeniable how the changes have revolutionized the football program in Eugene.

The changes were not limited to Oregon, either. Teams such as Georgia, Boise State, TCU, Ohio State and Florida have all embraced different looks from Nike. 

While the changes may not be as widespread in the NFL, there will be more than just the Seahawks getting a new look in coming years.

Several teams have shown interest in re-hashing the uniform changes after the 2012 season, and after the interest garnered by the Seahawks' change this week, you can only assume that a team or two will take to the drawing board before the 2013 season.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have expressed an interest in going more black in the future, and cornerback Rashean Mathis said at the unveiling that more changes to the team's look were coming.

The Arizona Cardinals, who wear a Reebok template uniform, could also be in for an overhaul as Nike pushes more and more ideas onto teams. 

Other teams that have the possibility of seeing changes: Minnesota Vikings (Reebok template), Atlanta Falcons (Reebok), Denver Broncos (Nike revamped their current jerseys back in 1996) and Tennessee Titans. 

As the years progress in the NFL's relationship with Nike, don't expect the Seahawks to remain the league's only made-over uniform. There will be others, maybe many others, and they'll start coming starting next season.