Tim Tebow, New York Jets a Win-Win Deal Says Marketing Expert

James Williams@WordmandcAnalyst IIIApril 5, 2012

Tebow  draws a full house at his first Jets press conference
Tebow draws a full house at his first Jets press conferenceMike Stobe/Getty Images

Much has been said and written about the trade that brought Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets. If there is one thing that is certain everyone from New York to Los Angeles has an opinion on, it's Tebow. He has an ever-growing national following that began at the University of Florida, then moved on to the pros in Denver and has now landed in the nation's biggest media market. 

So how will the Tebow brand work in New York?

I put that question to Grant Cardone, who specializes in sales and marketing. Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author and a frequent guest on FOX News, FOX Business, CNBC, MSNBC and Bloomberg. 

Williams: Is the move to the Jets a good one for Tim Tebow?

Cardone: Absolutely; Denver had to get rid of him.  He would’ve never played under [Peyton] Manning.  Tebow will be in competition with Mark Sanchez and will make it in New York.  Rex Ryan knows how to use the media to sell tickets.  Football is more than just a game—it’s also about the TV rights, getting attention, and controversy.  This is good for football and an all-around win-win.


Williams: How does Tebow Nation handle the move to New York City?

Cardone: They are going to follow him wherever he goes.  He’s now in the world’s biggest media market.  If Tebow was in Denver, he wouldn’t be getting this attention.

Williams: What is the long-term projection for the Tebow brand?

Cardone: This will be determined by his game.  Attention equals money.  New York is going to love Tebow.  They will use him in every way possible to sell seats and get eyeballs.