Show Herm Edwards Some Respect!

Wayne RamseyContributor IJanuary 20, 2009

Herm Edwards isn't being treated fairly! And neither is his coaching staff! I don’t blame a single coach for looking for another job!  "Come ON Man!" If Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli want Herm to be the coach next year, they should show this man some respect! I know this is a complicated decision to make. A hasty one could also be negative for this team!

I don’t see how this team could compete for a title next year, so why keep a lame duck coach on? Either give him a vote of confidence and sign him to a long-term deal! Or do the right thing, part ways with him. Bring in your coach and let these players get a year’s head start on learning a new scheme!

I'm neither against Herm staying or leaving! But I can tell you this man has shown us how to be a professional in every sense of the word! This would also free up his staff to take their coaching skills somewhere else too!  Chan Gailey did a great job making Tyler Thigpen look decent in a NFL uniform this season. Gunther Cunningham hasn't lived up to his glory days here by any means—good luck in Detroit!

I will hate the fact that if they do fire/release Herm, that will put a rebuilding tag on next season. That means Tony Gonzalez will probably want out! I really hate that! He's always been a great player for the Chiefs! But sometimes you have to let go of players. I see nothing wrong with dealing Tony! Maybe he can see a playoff victory somewhere else, maybe even a Super Bowl game!

I also figure either way this signals the end of LJ's stint here! If LJ really needs 20 carries a game to get him into rhythm, let some other team give him those carries. He may still be an elite back in the NFL but he needs a fresh start somewhere else, just like the Chiefs!

Good news is if a new coach is put into place, he will have a young team to work with and a year to install a new system! The likely switch to a 3-4 defense is also intriguing next season! That should allow Glenn Dorsey to play better!

With that as an idea, a possible coach/defensive coordinator could be Romeo Crennel (pure speculation). He does have a history with Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, and Scott Pioli!