10 Schools That Deserve More Love from College GameDay

Dan VastaSenior Writer IIIApril 4, 2012

10 Schools That Deserve More Love from College GameDay

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    There are several teams across the country that do not get much love from ESPN's College Gameday, and many of the reasons why have to do with their prestige and popularity.

    If America is not in love with a specific team, more times than not their destination is not as luring as your typical powerhouses from the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12.

    Since ESPN has started their near flawless show back in 1993, several schools have not received the deserved amount of air time.

    Here are your 10 schools that need to get their dues by having ESPN's College Gameday crew stop by in the immediate future.


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    The Hawkeyes have been consistent at winning and appearing in New Year’s Day games (two BCS appearances, a total of six New Year's bowls).

    Yet they have only appeared on College Gameday five times, with two of them coming at home. That is a bit of a joke to me on account that they have been going to Camp Randall a lot as of late.

    Love me “Jump Around” and Sconny, but when the Hawkeyes were among the elites in the Big Ten and beyond, they ended up showing the Big 12 a few too many times.

    Where is the love?

    We have seen the Badgers get a few Gamedays, but they have not won all of their big games in recent memory (losing two Rose Bowls and thriller in regular season to MSU). The Hawkeyes beat Georgia Tech in the 2009 Orange Bowl and it went unnoticed, as if the game was meaningless.

    Kirk Ferentz is one of the true good guys in this sport, and he has a knack for always getting the most out of his team. 

Boise State

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    College Gameday started back in 1993 on ESPN and Boise State has seen the crew stop by just once. In fact, they have only been a part of one total game and it was recently against Oregon State in September of 2010 (not counting Labor Day against VT in 2010).

    How does a squad that was the winnigest program in America from 2000 to 2009 (and the present, including most wins) not get more hype?

    Sure, they have not played the elite teams after September, but they have had a few battles with BCS-caliber teams and have done nothing but defeat them.

    Chris Petersen has not had the toughest schedule in America, but going 73-6 after six seasons is still absurd.

    Plus, on Saturday mornings, instead of talking about meaningless chatter and news, they could be discussing the chances they have of playing in a BCS game.

    Instead, they often use their time on the big boys that are struggling to win the big games.


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    The Cornhuskers' recent move to the Big Ten earned them some national television attention, but they were not greeted properly by Wisconsin.

    They were smoked at Camp Randall, but it is not like they were garbage while they were in the Big 12. Had they not blown two opportunities against Texas and Oklahoma, just maybe Children of the Corn would be loved around the world more.

    The negative reaction and failure of recognition is appalling, as they have not hosted College Gameday since 2007 against USC, and before then we would have to go all the way back to 2001 when they were ranked third against Oklahoma (ranked second).

    The Huskers are overdue to play in a BCS bowl or at least reach double-digit wins (would help if Taylor Martinez produces), so their College Gameday exposure should pick up in the immediate future.

Michigan & Michigan State

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    The maize and blue were irrelevant under Rich Rodriguez, but they are picking up quite a bit of steam under Brady Hoke. The team has the makings of becoming a national powerhouse if they can shock the nation and upset Alabama in the 2012 opener (Note: Gameday will be there for opener vs. 'Bama).

    Even if they cannot beat the bullies of college football, they will have plenty of future days on ESPN’s College Gameday.

    Appearing in their first game this past season (thriller over Notre Dame) was great to watch since it was their first time since 2007 against Ohio State.

    Outside of Alabama, we might see the Wolverines against the Buckeyes in the season finale and or possibly a matchup with Nebraska or Michigan State.

    Also, do not forget about Sparty. It has been just five times the crew has seen a game of theirs and only once in the last six seasons is a sign of no love.

    Michigan State is expected to be ranked near the top ten to begin the season and there is a chance they finally win the Big Ten and return to Pasadena (1988). So, it looks the state of Michigan should be garnering more attention.

Florida State

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    The Seminoles are not exactly your underrated squad that outperforms the media’s expectations since they actually do the exact opposite.

    One could argue that only Notre Dame has done less with their hype, and though last season FSU was decimated with injuries, there is no arguing that the Noles have struggled mightily up front on both sides of the ball.

    Mark Stoops has quickly changed that perception on defense, and the Seminoles will be back in the preseason top 10 for consecutive seasons.

    We would have loved to see their defense (specifically, the secondary) against Geno Smith and West Virginia’s offense, but instead we may have to settle for a matchup against Clemson or Florida this season on Gameday.

    Outside of those two grueling matchups, the Seminoles will not have much of an opportunity to be loved on the national spotlight. However, a team will earn praise if they quietly take care of business by winning the ACC, something they have not done since 2005.

    America loves to watch the Noles at their best, and their tilt against Oklahoma from a season ago was epic, even though it ended in a loss.

    FSU has been around Gameday quite a bit on the road (five times since ‘03), but it has not been since 2003 when they had the crew come to Tally (before last season's matchup against OU).


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    The Razorbacks will likely win the SEC West, if you were to ask me at the moment, but everybody who thinks they are an expert will more than likely go with Alabama or LSU because of their nasty defenses and/or gigantic offensive lines (not to mention, the top coaches in land).

    However, that is not the beef here. Arkansas has only appeared on ESPN’s College Gameday once!

    Yes, during the regular season we have seen Pig Sooey just once, and it was back in 2006 when Run DMC himself, Darren McFadden, and Felix Jones were running like Bo Jackson via Tecmo Bowl.

    If I were to take a guess, Arkansas has an excellent chance to catch the national spotlight a few times this season with both LSU and Alabama coming to town.

    Even if CBS covers one of the games, ESPN may not care and still show up if it is a game involving a pair of top five squads.


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    The Georgia Bulldogs have the ability to run the table in the regular season, but it would be nice if half of their defense wasn't suspended for a chunk of the season.

    Mark Richt really gets zero love, but his Dawgs have gotten negative attention. Everybody is hating on Georgia these days as if they have the plague.

    Their defense is loaded (be nice to see them all on the field soon) and Aaron Murray looks to be the next great Bulldogs quarterback to lead his squad to an SEC title.

    However, losing to the Big Ten does hurt a tad (whether it is fair or not), and their loss to Michigan State was a grueling way to end the season.

    Excluding their recent SEC title loss to LSU, it has not been since 2008 in which Corso and the crew have shown up.

    Note: UGA has only hosted Gameday twice, the other time being in 1998 against Tennessee.

Virginia Tech

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    Frank Beamer and the Hokies are really starting to make college football look easy, at least during the regular season.

    They have won 10 or more games for the last eight seasons (five BCS trips, going 1-4), and that is truly ridiculous.

    They have appeared on College Gameday just five times since 2005, though, they've hosted it three times.

    Blacksburg is electric when “Enter Sandman” goes on the speakers around Lane Stadium, and there really should be more night games featuring VT on national television.

    A Thursday night party against Florida State is worthy of cancelling a wedding date (11/8) this season, but that is still not a Gameday appearance.

    Still, outside of a potential payback game in Death Valley against the Clemson Tigers (10/20), I doubt we will see a less-talented and hyped Hokies team in 2012. 

West Virginia

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    Geno Smith throwing a pass to Tavon Austin and the rest of the Mountaineer receiving corps might be worthy of ESPN’s College Gameday—if it was against pure air.

    They exploded onto the national scene after blowing out Clemson and now they will garner some national attention with their move to the Big 12.

    Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State and TCU will make things extremely intriguing in 2012 and for the near future.

    Bank on WV hosting and or appearing on Gameday again with all of those prestigious Big 12 teams that are loved by the nation.

    Lastly, don’t forget these Mountaineers will likely crack the top 10 in the preseason, and they have the makings of becoming serious dark horses in terms of contending for the Big 12 title and a BCS appearance.

South Carolina

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    Some feel that Steve Spurrier should start to feel brash because he has given the Gamecocks their most wins over a two-year span (20).

    However, they have still never appeared in a BCS bowl and the good old visor-throwing ball coach would like to change that as soon as possible.

    Marcus Lattimore’s ability to carry this team will be a huge factor, and their brutal slate should bolster their chances of being featured on ESPN’s College Gameday.

    An early season home game against Georgia (10/6) will play a vital role in their SEC East title chances, but so will games against LSU (10/13), Florida (10/20) and Arkansas (11/10).

    The bottom line is they will finally get their dues in 2012 despite getting little recognition in the history of College Gameday (four times in Gameday history, all at home).


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