Mohammad El Akkari: What to Make of FIBA Asia Player's 113-Point Performance

Haddon AndersonAnalyst IApril 4, 2012

113 points in a game?

I don't care if that happens in the church league. That's downright incredible.

We all know of Wilt Chamberlain's infamous 100-point performance and even Kobe Bryant's remarkable 81-point outing just years ago. Those performances will never be forgotten.

But what do we make of this 113-point outburst by Mohammad El Akkari in a Lebanese game on Tuesday? Should this 113-outburst be treasured for years to come, simply respected but not treasured, or should we scoff at this?

Truthfully, it's so hard to know how to comprehend this.

For one, El Akkari went into the game averaging less than eight points per outing. How does he suddenly explode for the 113? Further, how does he suddenly end up hoisting 69 shots (including 59 three-point attempts)? Talk about a coach who suddenly gives a player the green light. 

Secondly, the level of play is obviously less competitive in Asia, but should this achievement earn El Akkari a spot on an NBA roster? I mean, cashing 32 three-pointers in one game should at least cause some NBA teams to inquire, right?

Lastly, can we see some footage of this performance? Was El Akkari draining threes while being draped by defenders, or was he nonchalantly reigning trey balls while the defense looked ill-equipped? We must see footage to analyze the depths to this performance.

At the end of the day, tip your hat to this guy. While it's inconceivable to rate this performance ahead of Wilt the Stilt's or Kobe's, it's still beyond impressive. It's just hard to know how impressive this is.

Frankly, there are layers to this that are hard to fathom.

What do you make of such an outing?