2012 NFL Draft: Top 5 Most Overrated Prospects

Padraig O' Halloran @@PodgeOHCorrespondent IApril 9, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Top 5 Most Overrated Prospects

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    Every year, prospects who are mostly average in college somehow manage to get completely overrated leading up to the Draft and get picked far too high.

    Take last year’s Draft for example. The Jaguars watched on as Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert fell to number ten in the Draft and then decided to pick him as many scouts described him as a possible ’Franchise Quarterback.’

    In reality however, Gabbert was pretty much an average college quarterback who had been overrated by the media and scouts alike leading up to the Draft. As it tuned out, Gabbert had an awful Rookie Season as he struggled to adapt to NFL defenses.

    However, It’s not just Gabbert that was drafted to high becuase it happens every year. Prospects are hyped up by the media to be made out to be potential NFL stars but end up being average NFL players.

    Which players are overrated this year? Here is a list of prospects who I believe are overrated and you may see a few names that might surprise you.

5. Quinton Coples- Defensive End- North Carolina

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    Why he’s overrated

    Coples is a player who has shown flashes of greatness during his college career but hasn’t always delivered on a consistent basis. Projected to be picked as high as number 7 by the Jacksonville Jaguars, I just don’t think that he’s consistent enough to be worthy of a top ten pick.

    Despite entering his senior year with high expectations, he struggled in rushing the passer and finished the season with only 7.5 sacks. With many teams looking at picking a pass rusher in the top ten, Coples faces plenty of competition from players like Melvin Ingram and Nick Perry.

    Unfortunately for Coples, I see him being picked in the middle of the first round somewhere between the Jets at number 16 and the Patriots at number 27.

4. Stephen Hill- Wide Receiver- Georgia Tech

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    Why he’s overrated

    Despite rising up draft boards after his explosive 40 yard dash time of 4.36, I still consider Hill to be an overrated player. He finished his college career with only 49 catches and 9 touchdowns in three seasons and those numbers don't show the type of production you would expect from a first round receiver.

    Hill is certainly not the finished product and doesn't show any signs of improving his route-running any time soon. There’s no doubting that he has great speed but similar to Darius Heyward-Bey, this doesn’t always translate to him getting open down the field.

    It’s a shame that the Oakland Raiders don’t have a first round pick, expect him to go somewhere in the mid picks of round 2.

3. Vontaze Burfict- Middle Linebacker- Arizona State

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    Why he’s overrated

    Burfict has had an astonishing fall from grace since the college season ended and he’s seen his draft stock fall drastically over the last few months. An awful showing at the Combine has forced many scouts to go back and look at his college tape and it’s not good.

    Burfict just doesn’t show the type of burst and acceleration that you would expect from a prospect who was once hyped as apossible top ten pick. His attitude problem has also led to him being placed on this list after he blamed his own teammates and coaches for his disappointing play last season.

    Despite being a talented player, I wouldn’t be willing to take a chance on Burfict until Rounds 4/5.

2. Alshon Jeffery- Wide Receiver- South Carolina

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    Why he’s overrated

    Depending on which scout you speak to, Jeffery is either a top 15 pick or a late second round prospect. He had an underwhelming season last year at South Carolina and finished the year with just 49 catches for 762 receiving yards.

    Many people think that Jeffery’s struggles have something to do with the poor quarterback play from last season, I’m sorry but I think that's just an excuse for his lack of production. He just isn’t a consistent enough route-runner to be considered a first round pick nor does he have the quick release from the line of scrimmage that is needed to separate from defenders in the NFL.

    I see Jeffery as a late second to early third round prospect who is unlikely to ever become a true number 1 wide receiver in the NFL.

1. Ryan Tannehill Quarterback- Texas A&M

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    Why he’s overrated

    In my opinion, Ryan Tannehill is not a first round quarterback. He has only two years of college football experience as a quarterback and the former wide receiver is still a long way away from being a complete passer.

    Many scouts see him as a guaranteed top 10 pick and he has even been projected to go as high as number 4 to the Cleveland Browns. That is much too high of a risk to take on a player who has been hyped up far too much and could turn out to be this year’s Blaine Gabbert.

    Despite having plenty of potential, I just wouldn’t feel comfortable spending a high first round pick on Tannehill and wouldn’t be willing to pick him until the second round.


    So those are my top 5 most overrated prospects. Check back next week as I reveal my top 5 most underrated prospects.


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