Tennessee Titans Free Agency: 5 Remaining Free Agents the Titans Need to Target

Daniel BarnesCorrespondent IIIApril 5, 2012

Tennessee Titans Free Agency: 5 Remaining Free Agents the Titans Need to Target

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    Free agency is already winding down with most of the big names already signed. However, there are still a few guys out there that are worth taking a look at.

    This is especially true for the Titans, who still have quite a bit of cap space left. Why not use it on someone when you still have needs?

    You can't anticipate what you will be able to fix in the draft and what you won't, so the Titans should be staying vigilant. Here are five guys they ought to be calling right now.

1. Jerome Simpson, WR, Cincinnati Bengals

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    The only reason Jerome Simpson hasn't been signed is for drug charges. After police found quite a bit of marijuana in his home, he was charged with trafficking, a class D felony. If he is convicted, he could be off to prison.

    Now I'm not saying the Titans should sign him right now, but they ought to call him up. If he has a good attorney or can work out a plea deal, then he may end up serving little to no actual time. He'll probably be suspended a few games by the NFL, but that's not a big deal.

    No one else seems to be looking at Simpson. If the Titans could sign him, then they could get him for ultra-cheap and have a good depth receiver for several years (after he's out of jail).

2. Dan Koppen, C, New England Patriots

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    The center class in this year's draft is pretty weak, and there are only a few NFL-ready centers. There are a few guys (Philip Blake, Ben Jones, Mike Brewster, David Molk and Scott Wedige) who are middle round prospects that can be molded into quality centers.

    However, even if the Titans land one of these guys, they probably won't be ready to start by the season's beginning. So, what the Titans could do is sign veteran center Dan Koppen.

    Koppen has done a great job with the Patriots over the last few years, but he's already 32. For the Titans, that isn't a concern. If he can just play another season or two at a high level, it'll be plenty of time for Mike Munchak and Bruce Matthews to coach up one of the young guys.

    Besides, they already signed a 34-year-old guard. A center that's two years younger ought not to scare them.

3. Matt Roth, DE, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Right now, the Titans have three defensive ends on their roster: Kamerion Wimbley, Derrick Morgan and practice squad member Pannell Egboh (who I actually liked a lot in last year's preseason). Even if they plan on targeting a defensive end in the draft, signing another for depth wouldn't be a bad idea, especially since Wimbley may just be a situational pass rusher.

    Like I said, you can't depend on your guy being there in the draft, so you have to work in free agency to fix as many needs as you can.

    Matt Roth, the former Jaguars defensive end, is a good, but unimpressive player. The Jags haven't re-signed him yet, and he's still got several years ahead of him. He'd make a great rotational player and could even be a starting end if necessary.

4. Melvin Bullitt, S, Indianaplois Colts

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    Why the Colts cut Melvin Bullitt I'll never know. I always thought he was a pretty good safety.

    Despite re-signing Jordan Babineaux and franchising Michael Griffin, the Titans are not deep at safety. Robert Johnson is the only other safety on the roster that can even be a decent backup.

    At 6'1" and just over 200 lbs, Bullitt could play either safety position. He wouldn't be a starter, but he'd be a pretty good backup in case either Griffin or Babineaux went down with an injury.

    In only two games last season, he managed to get 11 tackles, one defended pass and one interception. He's a good player, but his injuries are a concern. If he doesn't see the field full-time, that won't be as much of an issue.

5. Will Middleton, CB, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    The Titans don't really need a new starting cornerback; they're gonna roll with Alterraun Verner and Jason McCourty unless a great one falls into their laps in the draft.

    However, they need a third corner for the nickel defense, and it's always good to have three starter quality corners on your roster so you can keep them fresh.

    The only starting quality corner left in free agency (as far as I'm concerned) is Will Middleton.

    He didn't get a ton of playing time last year, but he showed flashes of potential when he did. If the Titans sign him, he'll definitely be the third player on the depth chart, but that doesn't mean he won't contribute.

    He's also only 26 years old, so signing him would fix the Titans at corner for the next several years. As the league becomes more pass oriented, being set at corner is starting to look better and better, so the Titans should take advantage.