MMA Short: Kenny Florian Then and Now

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJanuary 20, 2009

Welcome to this edition of MMA short. This is the first installment of the monthly issue. For those of you who are wondering what this is, let me be quick to the point. Every month I will do a very short profile on a fighter, and what he's up to in MMA. This will not, and should not be UFC exclusive. However, I've been watching TUF Season One again tonight, so I decided to do a short on Lightweight contender Kenny Florian.

Here's the rules to my MMA short. It has to be short and to the point, and it will not get very in-depth. Recommendations, requests, and all that good stuff is totally welcome. Criticism is not...just kidding.

Kenny Florian has come a long way since his stint on TUF: Season One.  From an obscure, silent-mouthed person, all the way to having a war with one of the Lightweight's best, Florian has done it all.

Now, with an opportunity to silence all critics, Florian must prove what he claims: he finishes fights.

He'll have to finish the fight quick against BJ Penn, although no date has been given for the battle.

Many think Florian should settle controversy over the first fight with Sean Sherk first, but the fact remains that Florian has been given the go-ahead against Penn. Preparation is a must. Kenflo will need all he can get going into his fight against one of the all-time greats.