Martin Kaymer: Watch Golfer's Insane Hole in One During Augusta Practice Round

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2012

Martin Kaymer is ranked No. 6 in the World Golf Rankings, and even though this incredible shot won't boost him in the standings, few would be upset if it actually did. 

After all, hitting a hole in one is ridiculously difficult. 

On Monday's practice round, Kaymer decided to have some fun and skip the ball across the water and toward the flag stick at the par-three 16th hole.

Of course, there's no way he thought it would go in. If he tried that shot 10 more times, none of them would go in again.

That's how mind-blowing this shot actually is, and thankfully, people were there to capture the moment. To check out a different view from the video above, check out this clip here from someone on the other side of the course. 

It's tough to see the ball skip across the water, but the most important part of any video of this amazing feat is to watch the ball once it hits the green. 

After slowly rolling, it looks as though it might actually go in, and once it drops in the cup, the roar of the crowd is absolutely astonishing. To be there in that moment had to be phenomenal, as it is certainly something those in attendance will never forget. 

Vijay Singh made a similar shot in 2009, and just like here, it's all about the roll on the green. 

If you've ever played golf before, you know how thrilling it is when you crush a ball off the tee or just have a really good hit. Imagine your reaction if you hit a hole in one, and multiple that by 100, and you might just come close to how Kaymer had to feel after sinking that shot. 

Everyone imagines what it would be like to hit a hole in one, and the fact Kaymer did it at the Masters, golf's biggest stage, makes it that much more remarkable. 

Sure, it was just a practice round, but go ahead and try to hit a hole in one and see how close you get. Chances are, you'll struggle to come close, and that's probably without skipping it over water. 

Hopefully, Kaymer fares better than Singh did back in 2009. He tied for 30th the year he made the hole in one, and clearly, Kaymer is striving for better success than that.

Congrats to the No. 6 golfer in the world for pulling off one the best plays in sports, the hole in one. 

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