Nike NFL Uniforms Move League into New Era of Financial Dominance

Derek CrouseContributor IIIApril 4, 2012

The NFL has shadowed MLB opening day with a fashion show
The NFL has shadowed MLB opening day with a fashion showMike Lawrie/Getty Images

The NFL is the king of American sports.

Their TV ratings, overall profit, and headline space in the mainstream media outdo every other major sport.

Reebok had the privilege of having their logo on NFL uniforms, before Nike came in and got a deal done, which started with the release of the new-look threads.

While some see this as just an emergence of a new company taking the helm, it is much more than that for Nike and the NFL.

This deal was made in 2010, with the NFL giving Nike the blank canvas to bring in the new era. Unlike in years past, social media has created so much free advertising and hype for the sport.

This is a league that has no offseason. Only football can shadow MLB opening day with a fashion show in Manhattan.

The regular season is about six months away, but the league is stealing headlines from other sports whose season is well under way.

This was no run-of-the-mill fashion show either. Nike did a complete revamp of every team. They didn’t just re-do the uniforms either.

From the cleats down to the sticky gloves, everything has gone through a face lift. The best thing the NFL and Nike did was bringing the stars to the release. They could have used mannequins to show the new style, but each team had their standout player in the uniform.

This creates a buzz for each franchise’s city on its own.

There were the usual suspects a fan would think of in New York. The Philadelphia Eagles had Michael Vick as their model, the Chicago Bears had Brian Urlacher as theirs. Champ Bailey was the Denver Broncos' model and Ray Rice was in the trademark purple for the Baltimore Ravens. The marketing scheme was genius by Nike and the league.

A uniform unveiling has never had so much juice.

Some franchises went through a big makeover, while other teams kept the same theme mostly.

The Seattle Seahawks had the biggest changes. If you have an idea of what the Oregon Ducks of the NCAA look like that is the closet thing the Seahawks new threads can be compared to. The NFL took one of their worst franchises and bought them a headline.

The NFL will be collecting a big paycheck this season. The hardcore fans will likely be on buying the newest garb of their favorite franchise come April 15th.

Nike basically will have advertising all over the field with players and stands filled with loyal fans. The old-style jerseys are already 75 percent off and they will still earn a healthy profit from that.

From a $300 authentic jersey to the more affordable silkscreen versions, just a slight change in the style will get people to pay attention. The local media of each city was there interviewing the “models” as well as the NFL Network and ESPN.

Usually the free-agency period and draft make for a boost in jersey sales. Now every player theoretically has a new jersey for fans to purchase.

The NFL has shown that they are on the pulse of marketing and advertising in this new era of technology. Creating headlines out of clothes is supposed to be only for clothing companies, not sports leagues.