Carmelo Anthony's 5 Worst Games of 2012

Ben Shapiro@benshapironyc1 Analyst IIIApril 5, 2012

Carmelo Anthony's 5 Worst Games of 2012

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    The New York Knicks are 27-27. They hold a tenuous one-and-a-half game lead for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Everything about this team screams "inconsistent." They win a few and look like world beaters and then they lose a few and look hopeless. 

    New starters, new coaches, new role players, through it all the Knicks are still a bit of an enigma. So it should come as no surprise that their designated "superstar" Carmelo Anthony is having a bit of an up-and-down season as well. 

    He's got the lowest field goal percentage of his career and the lowest three-point success rate as well. His 21 points per game average is also close to a career low. 

    Barring a great playoff run this will probably go down as a season that Anthony may not look back on with too much fondness. His future is New York may still turn out to be great but this season he's experienced growing pains. He's had some good and some bad games. Here are a few games Melo would probably love to forget. 

Friday, March 23rd in Toronto

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    The Knicks were riding a five-game winning streak and things were really beginning to look up for them under new head coach Mike Woodson. 

    Surely, a road game against one of the league's very worst teams would be an easy win? Think again. 

    The Knicks were awful and so was Melo. He shot 6-of-15 from the field and never even went to the free-throw line. Even worse he committed four turnovers and four personal fouls while dishing only three assists. 

    The Knicks lost 96-79 to a team they really should have beaten and while no loss can ever be blamed on only one player the Knicks really needed more out of Carmelo on this night and did not receive it. 

Monday, March 12th in Chicago

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    This was the final game of the Mike D'Antoni era. 

    It was about what one would expect from the final game under a coach who leaves or is asked to leave in mid-season. 

    First off, it was a loss, second off is was an ugly loss. 

    Carmelo certainly had a role in it as well. Anthony scored 21 points but he was 8-of-21 from the field, 21 shots to get to 21 points is not a good sign. 

    Beyond the sub-par stats were two incidents from the game. One in the third quarter where Anthony didn't join his teammates in a huddle during a time out and another on the court in the fourth quarter where Anthony clearly wanted the ball and did not receive it.

    Anthony made gestures that spoke to his displeasure with not getting the ball and seemed to show-up his teammates. 

    It was among the worst moments of the season for both Anthony and the Knicks. 

Sunday, March 11th Against Philadelphia

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    This just looked bad all around. The Knicks dropped their fifth in a row, the loss came at home, on national television and to a division rival. 

    Carmelo didn't shoot the ball all that well going 5-of-13 from the field. To his credit he feasted at the free-throw line nailing 11-of-12 attempts. 

    That wasn't the problem though. The problem was the minutes. Carmelo only played 29 minutes and the reason for that was because he was benched for the fourth quarter and the boos were noticeable in Madison Square Garden. 

    Add to that the fact that Carmelo's defensive assignment on the 76ers Andre Iguodala had himself a nice afternoon going 7-of-11 from the field and scoring 19 points. He also contributed eight assists ,seven rebounds and four steals. 

    It was a bad day for Carmelo and the whole Knicks team. 

Tuesday, March 6th in Dallas

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    When you're playing the defending champs on the road you're not expected to win. You are expected to compete. 

    Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks really didn't do either on March 6th in Dallas. The Knicks were down 27-15 after one quarter and on the night it was one of Carmelo's worst performances of the season. 

    Anthony struggled and had one of his lowest points outputs of the season. He was 2-of-12 from the field and scored only six points on the night. Eight rebounds and only one assist did little to change that this was one of Anthony's worst performances of the season. 

Wednesday, December 28th in Golden State

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    The Knicks started this season off very well. A Christmas Day opener against the Boston Celtics got the team started at 1-0. 

    Three nights later the Knicks were in Golden State to face former Knicks point guard Mark Jackson who was now coaching the Warriors

    The Knicks absorbed their first loss of the season and Carmelo had his first real sub-par game of the season. Anthony shot 3-of-13 from the field and only contributed two rebounds and one assist along the way. 

    Anthony finished with 13 points and the Knicks lost, 92-78.