Seahawks New Uniforms: Seattle's Nike Jerseys Represent Future of NFL Unis

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2012

Photo courtesy of Nike
Photo courtesy of Nike

Nike's new NFL uniforms were unveiled on Tuesday to much fanfare, and while the vast majority of teams made little or no changes, one team that underwent a complete overhaul was the Seattle Seahawks.

Whether you like their new threads or not, that is the way NFL uniforms are headed in the near future.

Over the past few seasons Nike has made its presence known in the college game as it has designed the uniforms of several teams, most notably the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks have used countless uni combinations over the years and while some haven't been embraced, all of them have been innovative.

Photo courtesy of Nike
Photo courtesy of Nike

It appears as though Nike tried to bring that same innovation to the pros as Seattle's gear has a very futuristic look to it. Essentially every team will be utilizing Nike's lighter, more breathable fabric for their uniforms, but most of them kept the integrity of their previous uniforms.

Apparently the Pacific Northwest isn't averse to change, however, as the Seahawks were more than willing to change things up, much like the Oregon Ducks are on a game-by-game basis.

Say what you will about Seattle's overhaul, but there are plenty of interesting aspects to consider.

Nike is well known for using electric colors in its uniforms and that is the case with the Seahawks as the lime green accent is utilized quite effectively. Not only can it be seen on the shoulders and the outline of the numbers, but it really stands out in the Nike swoosh on the pants.

Photo courtesy of Nike
Photo courtesy of Nike

Also, the numbers themselves are quite interesting as they appear to be textured and are unlike any other team's jersey numbers. Additionally, the Seahawks will have colorful cleats and awesome gloves that form the team's logo when a player brings his hands together. Those two features are true of every team, but they pull Seattle's look together in particular.

The general reaction regarding the Seahawks' new uniforms run the gamut as it seems like half of the league's fanbase loves them, while the other half hates them.

A common criticism has been that they now look like a college team, but that's only being said because Nike has used this type of design in the college game. Ten years from now it will likely be the norm in the NFL as well.

Sports fans and people in general are often resistant to change, so it isn't surprising that not everyone has welcomed the Seahawks' ensemble with open arms. There are always going to be people who long for things of the past, but uniforms have consistently undergone changes over the course of football history, and everyone eventually gets used to them.

In terms of style and substance, Nike certainly knows what it's doing, so it's best to trust that this is the best direction to go in. Whether you like the uniforms or not, there is no question that the Seahawks are going to stand out this season, and that should be the true goal of any uniform in sports.