2012 NFL Draft: Should the Baltimore Ravens Draft Alshon Jeffery in Round 1?

Dee LetedCorrespondent IApril 4, 2012

It doesn't seem like the typical Ozzie Newsome pick. Mostly, because it isn't.

But you have to believe that the Ravens will at least consider potentially prolific South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery with the 29th pick of the draft this year.

For one, Jeffery is coming off a very solid pro day, slimming down to 213 pounds and being clocked at 4.48 and 4.49 by NFL.com's Gil Brandt. His speed and separation ability had been one of the biggest question marks surrounding him.

However, after weighing in at nearly 230 pounds at one point this season, and 216 pounds at the NFL Combine, his weight fluctuation may also be a bit concerning. 

Did Jeffery continue to slim down only for his pro day? Would he show up to training camp at 230 pounds looking sluggish? These will be the questions Ozzie Newsome and Eric Decosta will be asking themselves if they consider the prospect in the first round.

Still, you can't deny his college production and ability to go get the ball at the its highest point.

At 6'3" with 33" arms, Alshon Jeffery is the big physical receiver that the Ravens have always lacked. Sure they've tried to develop potential physical specimens like Demetrius Williams in the past, but have been relatively unsuccessful to say the least.

Even after being clocked in the mid 4.4's, Jeffery still comes with concerns over his ability to get separation when you look at his game tape.

At least we know the potential to become a more efficient route runner is there. However the Ravens have one of the best route runners in the league, Anquan Boldin, who should be able to help significantly in that regard.

If he were to be the pick at 29, he could contribute immediately as a legitimate red-zone threat, an area where the Ravens struggled at times last season. Jeffrey could turn that all around. At times last season, he looks completely unstoppable in jump ball situations.

Adding a unique weapon like Jeffery comes with a few risks and a higher "bust factor" than a few other prospects that will be available, but the pay off could be potentially larger as well.

By adding a unique target like Jeffrey to the Ravens' arsenal in addition to speedster Torrey Smith and slot man Anquan Boldin, the Ravens could potentially have one of the top receiving corps in the NFL—something fans may have never thought possible.

You have to wonder as well, what if the final pass of the AFC Championship Game had been a jump ball to the 6'3" Alshon Jeffery on 5'10"Patriots defensive back Sterling Moore, instead of Lee Evans?