Chael Sonnen Exposes Liars in the UFC

First LastCorrespondent IApril 4, 2012

One of the best qualities of a fighter is that they are honest, and former UFC middleweight title challenger Chael Sonnen is back with some advice on what it means to tell the truth in the latest "Chael's Corner" segment from Fuel TV's UFC Tonight.

"Fighters have recently seen it as their quasi-job to continually put out misinformation," Sonnen said. "They just refuse to answer a question head on. There is a tremendous difference with what fighters say versus what fighters mean."

"For example, 'I don't want to leave it in the hands of the judges' means I didn't train for three rounds," he continued. "I'm surrounded by a new team and camp' means all my old friends abandoned me. 'I need to go to training camp to be in seclusion' means my wife and kids are driving me nuts."

Sonnen is the first to admit that his fights are tough once they are over, and after his last fight versus Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2, he was quick to point out that Bisping punched really hard and hurt him on a few occasions, which came to many fans' surprise.

"I don't understand why fighters don't just talk plainly," Sonnen said. "In my last fight, I took on a gentleman named Michael Bisping. He hit me very hard, and it hurt, a lot. People were shocked that I would come out and admit that because they are all just use to lying. Guess what? If a guy hits you hard and it hurts, is your ego so small that you can't pay him a compliment? Is your ego so fragile that you can't say, 'look, I had my bell rung in the middle of a fist fight?"

Sonnen's next bout will come against his biggest rival in UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The fight is set to take place in front of a massive crowd in Brazil at UFC 147.

When they first met in August of 2010, Sonnen dominated "The Spider" for four-and-a-half rounds before getting caught in a triangle choke that forced him to tap. Since that fight, the 35-year-old has gone on to defeat Bisping and Brian Stann.

Silva came back and defeated Yushin Okami and Vitor Belfort, knocking both out in highlight-reel fashion.