Why Tim Tebow Trade Should Elate New York Giants Fans

Sean LeahyCorrespondent IIApril 4, 2012

The New York Jets have managed to begin every season of the Rex Ryan era ahead of the New York Giants in the category of preseason hype, and with the recent trade for Tim Tebow, this year will be no different, much to the indifference of Giants fans.

For his part, Tebow has single-handedly guaranteed Ryan and the Jets another preseason as the most sought after football team in New York, at least for the media. And with owner Woody Johnson already petitioning for another run on HBO's Hard Knocks, deviation from the empty calorie formula implored by the Jets over the last several years, of letting off the field distractions supersede on the field results is again on course for the upcoming season.

It is poetic that a polarizing media maven the magnitude of a Tebow would be on the trading block, the year following the Giants reaffirming and distancing achievement of being the New York football team that actually delivered on a Super Bowl win, as potentially the only way to recapture the spotlight.

Despite this, even Big Blue fans are incapable of escaping the human hype vacuum that is Tim Tebow, based on the Gary Buiso's story in the New York Post, citing three individuals seeking to profit from the trade marking of the term “Timsanity.”

Yet, Giants owner John Mara's comments prior to Tebow's official introduction to the New York media, seemed more indicative of not only his organization's assessment of Tebow and the Jets, but a vocalization of Giants fans interpretation as well.

When prompted by a reporter, seemingly questioning the balance in popularity between his team and Tebow, the owner cleverly quipped, “I don’t know [if the city is big enough], but the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow afternoon, too.”

This is the kind of deliberately sardonic response that should be expected from a man whose team just won the Super Bowl, despite being considered the second most interesting team in New York and their collective achievements.

And the resonance of his words surely can be echoed by Giants fans, as they are the verbal equivalent of a shoulder shrug to the Jets' latest push for publicity.

As if to say, we’ve seen it before and in spite of it, we will continue to watch our team play championship caliber football even if they are further down the page in Google searches.

And so it goes, the Jets, mostly Rex Ryan’s mouth, continue to prognosticate and pontificate about Super Bowl like results, while the Giants actually achieve such superlative season-ending finishes. This fact, in addition to the discombobulating potential of Tebow, is more than an ample amalgamation to justify the Giants fans increased pleasure towards gloating.

Further, Giants fans have to take this recent trade as additional evidence of the current discrepancy in sound philosophy between the two front offices of the teams.

Although fans are the harshest critics of decisions regarding personnel, even they realize that finite clairvoyance from the front office is unrealistic, yet between those decisions deemed excusable and inexcusable, the fans are justified in expecting nothing short of a chance for championship success every year.

That is what the Jets camp has emptily guaranteed, and alternatively what the Giants have delivered, and in so doing, providing the ultimate contentment for their fan base.

And while the trade for Tebow, may simply represent the most recent quizzical move by the Jets front office and GM Mike Tannenbaum, the magnitude becomes palpable, when considering that the Jets GM has yet to produce a Super Bowl winning formula since taking over that role in 2006.

While, since taking over in 2007 from then GM Ernie Accorsi, current Giants GM Jerry Reese has now raised Super Bowl trophies in 2007 and most recently this past February.

This indisputable fact, serving to reinforce in the minds of Giants supporters his ability to put together a team which in a less verbose way is able to not only be the best in New York, but the entire NFL to boot.

Again, Giants fans can argue and disagree with personnel moves throughout the season, but what is indisputable and undeniable is ultimate success which is epitomized by the shape and weight of the Lombardi Trophy being hoisted by their team at the end of the season.

And although the Giants may play in the same town, and on the same field as the Jets, only Giants fans have justifiable cause for elation these days, especially in the dawn of the “Timsanity” era in New York.