New Nike NFL Uniforms: Grading Green Bay Packers Home 2012 Jerseys

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2012

Nike finally released their new jerseys for the NFL and the 2012 season. It was no surprise how excited people were to finally see the uniforms considering the amount of secrecy around what Nike had revamped for the league.

Now that we've had a minute to digest the Green Bay Packers' new uniforms, it's time to take an in-depth look and grade how we feel about the home 2012 jerseys.

At first glance, there isn't much difference between the Nike jerseys and the jerseys that have been loved and adored by hundreds of thousands of cheeseheads around the nation. The longer you look at them, however, the more differences you can see.

The first thing to notice is that none of the of colors have changed on the uniform. It's still the same green and gold that has been worn by the Packers since 1950. My wife said that the gold looks a little golder, but I'm not sure if she was actually talking about the jerseys or that gold watch she was shopping for.

To be honest, this was quite the relief. Without any knowledge of what Nike had in store for the 2012 jerseys, there were some crazy ideas being thrown around in my mind.

The only obvious changes to the Packers home jerseys are the larger numbers, new-looking shoes and intensified gloves.

We'll start with the larger numbers that actually are quite the improvement over the old form of numbers. They're easier to see, more pronounced and the increase of white is a great complement to the surrounding green.

As far as the shoes and gloves go, they are a little over the top. The gloves are especially outrageous because seriously, when is a player ever going to hold his hands in the perfect position to get that "G" on it?

It almost seems as if Nike realized they weren't going to be able make drastic changes to the jerseys themselves, and decided to go as crazy as they could on everything else. It was way over the top and too much for such a storied franchise.

Overall, Nike did a good job at keeping the tradition of Green Bay alive with their 2012 home jerseys.