5 Best Road Uniforms in the NBA

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIApril 4, 2012

5 Best Road Uniforms in the NBA

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    The NBA is full of teams that have bad and good uniforms. The road uniform is the most important, because it is the impression you give to fans across the country who see your team in person.

    Many teams have better road uniforms than their home one. Some have legendary uniforms that you would have never realized were only worn on the road.

    Here are the five teams with the best road uniforms.

5. Portland Trail Blazers

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    Simplicity is important in uniform design. The Portland Trail Blazers' black road uniforms scream that to me. Three colors used in clear coordination with one another.

    They are also a bit of a throw back with the multi-colored stripe running across. A team can really never go wrong with black uniforms.

4. San Antonio Spurs

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    The Spurs have been one of the best dynasties in NBA history over the past decade or so. Who would have known that they owed it all to their road uniforms?

    OK,  maybe not. But these uniforms are very classy-looking and hold true to the rules about simplicity and the color black. They just look professional.

3. New York Knicks

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    The Knicks are the wearers of the first uniform on the list that is not predominantly black. The blue and orange works a lot better together than one would think.

    This team is one of the legendary franchises in NBA history, and they have a road uniform to back that rep up. The Knicks should never change it.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

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    The Lakers have a classic jersey that has stood the test of time. While it isn't nearly as sharp-looking as their home uniform, the Laker road suit still looks pretty good.

    The purple isn't as feminine-looking as one would think. Plus, it really makes the gold pop off the jersey.

1. Chicago Bulls

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    Every time I see the Bulls' road uniform on a player, I'm transported back to the days of Michael Jordan and his Chicago dynasty. Those were good times.

    The Bulls have returned to NBA prominence, and road uniforms this sharp must be given some of the credit. The red associates with battle and blood, and the black stands out for a willingness to do what it takes to win.