WWE WrestleMania 28 Results: Should WrestleMania Have Lasted 5 Hours?

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIIApril 3, 2012


Sunday night’s extravaganza ended up pushing the four-hour mark.

I was thoroughly entertained for all four of those hours and I was admittedly gutted when it ended.

Could WrestleMania have gone on longer?

I think an extra hour would have done the pay-per-view a world of good.

The crowd was pumped when it the show came on the air, having already witnessed a tag-team match and whatever else came durnig the pre-show.

Then an 18-second World Heavyweight Championship match happened. If I had woken up only three minutes later than I did, I would have missed the opening match of WrestleMania.

I was very much looking forward to seeing Sheamus wrestle Daniel Bryan.

I thought the match had a lot of potential, as Daniel Bryan’s technical wrestling skills would juxtapose Sheamus' strength and brawling mentality, making for an exciting competition.

One Brogue Kick and it was over.

You have to believe that if WrestleMania was scheduled to last five hours instead of four, this wouldn’t have happened. They could have been given at least 20 minutes.

Would we have minded?

The people in Sun Life Stadium might have.

They must have been there at least a couple of hours before the event even started.

That is a long time to be staying out in a stadium and sustaining excitement and the collective buzz that resonated round the open-top stadium.

This feeling may have waned towards the end of the night, had there been an extra hour on the event, which would have caused the main event between Cena and The Rock to fall a bit flat.

It would be OK for the viewers at home who have access to snacks, drinks and a comfy sofa or bed, but it’s more tiring being outside watching it.

The other argument is that including the pre-show, WrestleMania was four-and-a-half hours.

However, it just seemed like it was desperate to be longer due to the matches that were cut short.

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