Adam Dunn to the Yankees Should Be a "Dunn" Deal!

Shanan H.Analyst IJanuary 19, 2009

Today Justin Green wrote an article entitled "Earth To Cashman: Don't Trade Nady or Swisher."

Green recommends that neither Nick Swisher nor Xavier Nady (both outfielders) be traded, because it may open up a hole in the outfield. 

Yes, with infielder Cody Ransom and outfielder Melky Cabrera being unproven, and with Damon and Matsui being injury-prone, the Yankees need a backup.  However, there are other options.

One of them includes signing free agent outfielder Adam Dunn.  Dunn last year produced 100 RBI and 40 home runs. Also, he is not injury-prone and is 29 years old.

If Swisher is traded, we could get either a young utility player or a few prospects.

One trade idea is Swisher plus a little cash to the Chicago Cubs for short stop Ryan Theriot. 

Theriot and Cano could platoon at second base, then if short stop Derek Jeter or third baseman Alex Rodriguez were injured, Theriot could fill in.

Or they could stockpile some prospects, and we would still have a fourth outfielder.  Actually, the Yankees would have six in this instance: Dunn, Ransom, Johnny Damon, Nady, Hideki Matsui, and Cabrera.

This is the direction the Yankees must pursue: youth.