25 of the Biggest Cheap Shots in World Football History

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIApril 4, 2012

25 of the Biggest Cheap Shots in World Football History

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    We've all seen football players take unnecessary action on the field. Cheap shots are almost commonplace within the sports world, but sometimes the cameras don't catch everything.

    World Football has had its notable cheap shots, and they can come from anywhere.

    These actions are the ones that are somewhat premeditated, malicious and unnecessary. Cheap shots and dirty tackles can be one and the same sometimes, but that is not always the case.

    Here are some of the biggest cheap shots in World Football history.

Pepe Stamps on Lionel Messi's Hand

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    As you'll see towards the end of the video, Pepe looks down before stepping on Lionel Messi's hand.

    One has to think that if he looked down he could have missed Messi's hand if he wanted. Right?

Elizabeth Lambert Rampage

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    Elizabeth Lambert had to be on this list with the number of cheap shots she had in these highlights. The hair pulling stands out as probably her worst infraction.

Daniele De Rossi's Elbow on Brian McBride

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    Daniele De Rossi commits one of the most obvious dirty and cheap plays in the World Cup and definitely deserved the red card.

Zinedine Zidane's Headbutt

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    Though Zinedine Zidane was provoked, his headbutt was still a cheap shot.

    If Zidane had been able to control his temper, France could have been the victors that year.

Young Cristiano Ronaldo Getting a Bit Fiesty

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    I wouldn't say Cristiano Ronaldo's first offense in this video is a cheap shot but the second one, starting at the 50 second mark, definitely is. Especially if you watch the replay.

    Don't know what that guy said to Ronaldo, but he got a nice little war wound for his efforts. It was certainly intentional and cheap from Ronaldo.

Marcelo's Double Stamp on David Villa

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    Just like his teammate Pepe, Marcelo gets a chance to look down and deliberately steps on David Villa.

    Not sure which "Clasico" this is, but Marcelo confirms his status as a dirty player with these cheap shots.

Pepe's Infamous Moment

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    Pepe commits a bunch of cheap shots in this his most infamous incident.

    First, he kicks the player twice in the back while he is falling down before stepping on him twice. Then he takes a shot at one of his teammates.

    It's one crazy moment from the Portuguese defender here.

Francesco Totti Kicks Balotelli

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    Francesco Totti got a little Pepe-like with his tackling, if you can call it that, in this video.

    Totti's cheap shot could have done a lot of harm to Mario Balotelli.

Shahril Jantan stamp on Shaqir Sulaiman

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    Shahril Jantan, the goalkeeper who currently plays for the Singaporean Armed Forces, uses his opponent as a footstool here.

    He was lucky to escape with a red, and his opponent was lucky to have not suffered any major damage.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Practices Martial Arts

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    There's no telling what Zlatan Ibrahimovic was thinking with this.

    His high foot was uncalled for and cheap. While we aren't ready to shed tears for Marco Materazzi, he was on the wrong end of a pretty dirty play.

Goalkeeper Tries to Be Sneaky

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    Michael Theoklitos tried to be sneaky with this stamp on his opponent during a corner. It's not as damaging as some of the other entries on this list, but it is a sneaky little cheap shot from the goalkeeper here.

Wayne Rooney Stamp in 2006 World Cup

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    Wayne Rooney goes after Ricardo Carvalho's most delicate assets during the quarterfinal's of the 2006 World Cup.

    Rooney's temperament has been in question throughout his career, and the frustration is evident in his ill-conceived action towards his opponent.

Oswaldo Sanchez Reacts to Giving Up a Goal Against the USA

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    So, no, this wasn't really during play but it was a cheap shot nonetheless, and one that could have been harmful.

    Oswaldo Sanchez launches himself at Eddie Johnson as he runs off to celebrate with his teammates, and gets a piece of his leg. If it wasn't a friendly, he may have gotten sent off.

    Although that could have happened after the video ended.

Roy Keane's Revenge on Alf-Inge Hangelaand

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    We all know about this tackle from Roy Keane. It was premeditated and very, very dirty.

    Keane made no attempt to disguise his actions here. Not that it would have been any better if he did.

Wake Forest Player Gets a Little Nick from Behind

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    Football players in the U.S. pride themselves on not being as slight as some of their European and South American counterparts.

    The OSU player takes a cheap shot at his opponent, which the referee misses somehow. It wasn't the worst of kicks, but it wasn't necessary.

Marco Caneira and Adriano

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    Marco Caneira gets the party started here with the shirt tugging and the cheap shot to Adriano's face. He came out the worse for wear as the big Brazilian hit him right back.

Totti Jumping on a Player

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    Francesco Totti seems to be no stranger to these kinds of incidents. He makes his second appearance on this list with a stamp on an opponent.

    Totti could have jumped to the side of the incoming tackler but decides his feet could use the softer platform to land on.

Leonardo Elbows Tab Ramos

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    The first few times I saw this video long ago it looked like an accident. In slow motion, Leonardo's action is deliberate and probably done out of frustration.

    Leonardo's cheap shot got him a red card and fractured Tab Ramos' skull.

Andy Herron Elbows Jay Heaps

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    It takes a little while for us to see the actual cheap shot, so skip to the 45-second mark.

    Andy Herron almost gets away with his dirty play here, but he was eventually red carded. He definitely gets Jay Heaps in the face, but the injury does not look like it would be as severe as was the case with Tab Ramos.

Remco Van Der Schaaf's Double Assault

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    Remco Van Der Schaaf blatantly elbows his opponent during the play and tries to have a go at his sides during a corner.

    He didn't receive any punishment during the game but was handed a two-match ban after.

Wayne Rooney Swipes at James McCarthy

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    Wayne Rooney didn't receive any punishment for his elbow on James McCarthy, but that cheap shot gets him on this list.

    Again, temper, temper.

Ben Thatcher's Thuggery

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    Ben Thatcher is a free agent right now, and that's something which probably should have happened immediately after this.

    Thatcher makes no attempt on the ball when going after Pedro Mendes and ends up sending the Portsmouth midfielder to the hospital.

Claudio Caniggia Gets Hammered

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    This really isn't as bad as some of the other entries on this list, but it is a cheap and dirty foul.

    Cameroon were out to stop Claudio Caniggia by any means possible, and it has to be said that Benjamin Massing did a pretty good job there.

Goalkeeper Channels His Inner Jet Li

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    This goalkeeper comes out of nowhere to take out a player from both teams and escalate an already heated situation.

    There's no telling what kind of damage he did, but even though this wasn't during play, it was an extremely cheap shot from the goalkeeper there.

Nigel De Jong Tries to Cave Xabi Alonso's Chest in

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    This tackle is extremely dangerous and a definite cheap shot from Nigel De Jong. I'm sure many are still wondering how he managed to stay on the field after this.