WWE Real Talk: WrestleMania 28 Was an Incredible Moment in Time

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIApril 3, 2012

What an awesome performance gentlemen. Photo by wrestling-match.com
What an awesome performance gentlemen. Photo by wrestling-match.com

Time flies when you're having fun, they say...no kidding, right?

It's been two days since the epic WrestleMania extravaganza, and I am still thinking about it.

The card may have taken time to develop over the last months, but upon watching this thing, I discovered that it was a really successful show. 

With all the legends and veterans on hand, it was hard to imagine them not being able to pull it off. Every single main event match (three there were) was good, and two in particular, the Rock/Cena and Hell in a Cell matches, to be specific, were incredible.

I was very surprised to see John Cena defeated after actually making a mistake. He doesn't make that many, and it took someone like The Rock, with enough mastery of the ropes, to seize an opening and plant him with his patented finisher for the 1-2-3. Despite being in Miami, it could have gone either way. This Featured Columnist is not a Cena fan at all, but I had him penciled in as the winner because it seemed logical for business.

I was wrong.

Judging from the feedback I received from readers, it seems 90 percent of people are very satisfied with last Sunday's show. There are obvious party-poopers as usual, but unlike them, I feel the company delivered a quality program.

John Cena vs. The Rock lived up to the hype, The Undertaker is 20-0 and all three participants of the HIAC match proved they are living legends by standing united at the top of the ramp. A moment in time imprinted in the minds of the WWE Universe forever.

By allowing for CM Punk to retain his championship via submission, Chris Jericho proved to me, and perhaps thousands, that he really is the best in the world at what he does. It was more than just in-ring performance; he proved he is a true sportsman and legend in his own right. I applaud his decision.

The Straightedge Superstar and current WWE Champion? What else can be said other than he is on a roll. He captured the attention of everyone, including other veterans like Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior. I really hope his second reign lasts as long as possible. It feels good to see a long-term champion for once, and through him, I can expect a newly-commissioned title belt real soon.

With Lent almost over, I am so glad I decided not to eat desserts for 40 days. Cody Rhodes looks physically awesome! I will train three times a day if I have to, but I want to look like that. Ladies, be honest now, did you like Cody's attire on Sunday? Looked a little Calvin Klein to me.

Kane won his match against Randy Orton. I wanted that to happen, and no one shared my opinion. He deserved it, and now, The Viper can slowly begin his downward spiral into the dark side of his nature. His character is great, but if he turns to villainous ways, perhaps he can be even more destructive and take over Kane's legacy of terror.

OK, now here it comes...

Real Talk!

That entire Brodus Clay thing was a complete fiasco; no, a disaster. Here's hoping he goes extinct soon. It was the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time. It totally lost all the guests I had along with me who weren't real fans. I am so ashamed to admit to them this is part of WWE. What a load of ...

Why does he even have to exist? I cannot even begin to imagine this character going anywhere, especially not at the expense of REAL Superstars like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, to name a few. Even David Otunga is starting to make sense, but Brodus Clay? This oddity needs to be sent to the island of lost men; one-way please.

That was the only major negative of the entire night. Two minor things to bring to light: Cody losing his title and the Divas Champion pinned by an "extra."

It was too bad for poor Cody, as he had been a good Intercontinental Champion up to now. I applaud Big Show for now being a Grand Slam Champion; the man deserves it. I am not really complaining here; just disappointed my guy lost, that's all. What worries me is wondering if his character is ready for the main event scene. They tried that with Ziggler, and it didn't work, so I wouldn't want Rhodes jobbing to the likes of Great Khali all of a sudden.

When it comes to the Divas division, nothing surprises me anymore. With all that potential, it is a shame the WWE doesn't do more with them. I know this has been an ongoing criticism and nothing changes but still, there must be a light at the end of the tunnel right?

Beth Phoenix is my girl, my Glamazon, I sold her all night and for months now to everyone I know, and then she gets pinned by Maria Menounos the crippled. Really?

I would have enjoyed any sort of Divas championship program on Sunday. Whether it be against Madusa, Natalya or Kharma, anything was better than that. 

Not anything to slit my wrists over, though. Just having the evil Eve and Beth on the card was a blessing, so I'll take comfort in that thought.

All in all, it was a great show filled with action and many OW! OW! OW! moments (HIAC chairs shots to the back).

People who don't normally watch pro wrestling went home happy and promised to do it again, which is a plus. For my part, I am anxiously awaiting what kind of year we will have in WWE now that Brock Lesnar is back!

Nothing is official yet, but if John Cena is to fight this monster, then I am going to eat it all up. Should make for a very, very lucrative program. The Rock is one thing, but Brock Lesnar? He is the next BIG thing; that's a whole other ball game.

What about you? Did you enjoy the 28th edition of WrestleMania?