Cardinals Holding Off Eagles Comeback Protects The Colts Championship Record

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 19, 2009

As I was watching the NFL Championship game this Sunday, I was quite happy to see the Cardinals take a very substantial lead early in the game. The Cardinals remind me very much of the Colts in the sense that they have a mediocre defense, no running game and an exciting passing attack.

Now, all of the above mentioned are generalizations but they are based in reality to a certain degree. So as the Cardinals took a 24-6 lead by half time, I was happy to see that their victory appeared to be almost completely secure.

When I took a look at the scoreboard and realized that the Eagles were 18 points behind, the situation seemed strikingly familiar.  I remember the Indianapolis Colts falling behind 21-3 in the 2006 AFC Championship game to the New England Patriots.  The historic 18-point comeback that the Colts managed to pull off now stands as the single greatest comeback in Championship game history.

So last Sunday I was thinking to myself, these Eagles are no 2006 Indianapolis Colts. Now, the Cardinals defense is not exactly the caliber of the 2006 Patriots defense and the Eagles did not get involved in any kind of shoot-out once the score drew closer but the Eagles comeback did make me sit back and worry about the Colts record.

Considering the 2006 AFC championship game is my all-time personal favorite, I certainly did not want to see our historic comeback matched.  Much less have it matched by the Eagles.  I'm not an Eagles-hater by any means but after seeing the way they carried themselves on Sunday (the late hits, etc.), I certainly didn't want them share a piece of history with my Colts.

When the Cardinals put the nail the in the Philadelphia coffin, they also helped protect one of the most impressive feats in National Football League postseason history.

Thank you, Arizona Cardinals.