Chargers' DC Ron Rivera to Bring in a Couple of Old Friends

Josh PowersContributor IJanuary 19, 2009

Few recent reports have stated that San Chargers Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera will look to a few of his old friends from that Chicago Bears Super Bowl defense back in 2006.

Steve Wilks, former Chicago Bears secondary coach, was let go right before the new year by head coach Lovie Smith.  Friday, Wilks met with who was Tampa Bay Bucaneers head coach Jon Gruden for their secondary coach job opening.

It must have felt like seconds later when Jon Gruden and Tampa Bay GM Bruce Allen were fired following a disappointing finish to the 2008 season.  Wilks was supposedly going to be gifted with the job.

Unfortunately for Steve Wilks, he won't get the job.

But on the bright side, he's got a friend in need of what he can offer.

The Chargers recently fired secondary coach Bill Bradley, which could definitely open up some doors for the jobless Steve Wilks.  He's not the only one though, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Don Johnson, the defensive line coach of that Chicago Super Bowl team, is also in need of a job.

While a contract is expected and near the signing point on Wilks, there's still some uncertainty on whether or not Don will join his former co-workers in San Diego since the Chargers already have success with current coach Wayne Nunnely.

Should Don Johnson join Steve Wilks and Ron Rivera on the San Diego Chargers' defense, it is likely that he'll take over Rivera's old spot as the inside linebackers' coach.