Denver Broncos Nike Uniforms: Grading New Home and Away 2012 Jerseys

Alex KayCorrespondent IApril 3, 2012

Denver Broncos Nike Uniforms: Grading New Home and Away 2012 Jerseys

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    Nike has just unveiled the Denver Broncos uniforms for the 2012 season and they can be summed up in one word.


    The Broncos have been using the same unis since the 1997 season, when the team adopted navy blue as their primary color for home games and updated the logo.

    Those jerseys were not received well by the press and fans, but the team won the Super Bowl in the same year and then repeated as champions in 1998. 

    Now that Denver is looking poised to bring home another championship with Peyton Manning under center, it makes sense that they would change them up again.

    Keep reading to see the new Nike home and away uniforms for the Denver Broncos and a final grade on how the company did. 


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    This uniform change is possibly the greatest update Nike has made to any jersey in the league so far. Even better than the Seahawks' new look. 

    The Swoosh has finally restored the orange jerseys to their proper place as the default home digs for the Broncos.

    Denver is hoping to embrace the Orange Crush days and honor the past with this switch. They finally re-embraced the color that was the identity of the team from 1962-1996.

    From 1997-2011, the team used the orange jersey as an alternate and the navy blue as a primary, which was a shame. 

    These are much better, and the team with a new identity this season is going to look fierce on the field in 2012. 


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    A white uniform has yet to be revealed, but we will update you when one becomes available.

    For now, we know Nike has added some unique touches to all its outfits to make them better than before.

    The collars use a unique flywire thread, which is designed to minimize weight and improve support. It also has an extremely cool look.

    Nike also improved pants for all teams by adding more hip padding, making them water resistant and breathe better. 


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    Broncos players are going to be extremely happy with their footwear in 2012.

    These cleats are absolutely awesome and feature a great design that focuses on the new color scheme—primarily orange with some navy blue.

    Expect them to match perfectly with the uniforms.


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    One of the best things the Swoosh has done to improve the little things that generally go unnoticed is a glove update. 

    While fans don't normally pay attention to or care what their favorite players wear on their hands, they will take notice when a player scores a touchdown and puts his two hands together to reveal the Broncos logo for the camera. 

    This is an extremely cool touch and puts the focus on Nike's awesome design. 


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    These uniforms are simply awesome, and the primary color change is perfect. 

    The Broncos fans always loved their orange and finally they get it back just in time for the arrival of Peyton Manning.

    Even though the rest of the changes are relatively minor, Nike gets an A+ for putting these together and it's going to be exciting watching a new-look Broncos team in 2012.