WWE Raw: Daniel Bryan Gets Last Laugh After 18-Second Title Loss

Agent GreenCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2012

By now everyone has seen or heard the results of WrestleMania 28. And one of the most shocking moments happened in the first match when Daniel Bryan lost his World Heavyweight Championship to Sheamus in just 18 seconds.

So it appears that Sheamus is on his way to becoming one of the most beloved heroes in the WWE, right?

Not if the ticked-off fans of Daniel Bryan have anything to say about it.

On this week’s episode of Raw, Sheamus was formally introduced as the new champion. But instead of the customary adulation, he came out to a chorus of boos from the majority of the crowd in Miami.

But isn’t Sheamus a good guy?

He certainly is.  And by definition, so is John Cena, the man who is known for getting booed by grown men and praised by women and children.

The reaction to Sheamus was no different than a Cena reaction. In fact, some would say that he is getting that “wrong kind of reaction” or that “please go away” response that was actually named after former WWE Superstar X-Pac.

That is not a good sign for a babyface who hasn’t held the most important belt on SmackDown for 48 hours yet.

On the other hand, Daniel Bryan was completely over Monday night.

The crowd chanted his name during Cena’s segment, the Lord Tensai debut and especially when Daniel eventually showed up on-screen.

In addition, Daniel’s victory cry of “YES! YES! YES!” was heard all night throughout the Miami crowd. They even chanted “¡Si!” during Alberto Del Rio’s promo.  And now some Bleacher readers are saying that “Yes” is the new “What?”

But the true testament occurred when Raw went off the air.

After Brock Lesnar returned and gave an F5 to Cena, a six-man tag team dark match occurred, with the team of Sheamus, Randy Orton and Intercontinental Champion Big Show against Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes and Kane.

The booing for Sheamus was ear-shattering. And so were the cheers for the heel Daniel Bryan.

Even when Daniel coldly dismissed his girlfriend, the lovely AJ Lee, the fans were still cheering.

It is safe to say that the original plans for Sheamus’ title reign have backfired.  The Celtic Warrior is being shoved down our throats just like John Cena is, and the fans are not dummies.

A rematch should definitely be in order and perhaps a double-turn at some point.

Regardless, a true wrestling fan will know that what happened to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania was wrong, and thankfully, the fans are letting their voices be heard, loud and clear.

Take that, Vince!