WWE News: Reason for Short Sheamus-Daniel Bryan Match Revealed

Aakash VasaCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2012

WrestleMania ended with a bang on Sunday, but it commenced with a party pooper. Sheamus squashed Daniel Bryan in exactly 18 seconds for the first bout of the night to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

The whole wrestling fraternity has been wondering why the WWE went this way with one of their major title matches.

Well, WrestlingInc.com (via PWInsider.com) provides some answers: 

"WWE wanted to surprise everyone at WrestleMania 28 and do something that nobody was expecting, which is part of the reason why Sheamus squashed Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title.

Besides this and breaking the record from Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero, officials were hoping to get the Brogue Kick over as a dominant move.

For those wondering, Daniel Bryan is not being punished and there is said to be no heat on him."

Wow. This is so mind-numbingly stupid.

The WWE got only the World Heavyweight Championship match to do the "unexpected," and that, too, at WrestleMania, the Grandest Stage of them All?

For one, it's an insult to Sheamus and Daniel Bryan (for the second year in a row), and to the WWE fans. And secondly, it taints whatever credibility the World Title had. This kind of illogical booking is why the WWE has a dwindling fanbase and plummeting PPV buy rate.

For some record that wasn't worth two cents, the WWE ruined a potentially amazing match, and set a sour tone for the rest of the event. 

And then there's "getting over the Brogue Kick as a dominant move." Stupid, stupid, stupid!
The Brogue Kick is already a dominant move. Look at this, if you don't believe me. And if they still wanted to show its impact, knock out Daniel Bryan with it after 10 or so minutes of in-ring action. What they did instead was to make D-Bry look like a complete arse. 

The only relieving piece of news coming out of this is that Bryan is not heading toward the doghouse, and that it's part of a storyline. 

Still, what the WWE did at 'Mania is naivety at it's highest. Let's hope they're able to find a suitably payoff to this appalling decision.