WWE: Writing the Undertaker's Last Stanza and Why He Should Retire

Kevin Germany@@KevinUber1Analyst IIIApril 10, 2012

"Gong!" The loudspeakers blare out as the darkened arena erupts in noise. Undertaker is about to enter the ring in the midst of smoke and flames.

He takes his time to enter the ring as the fans erupt in applause while taking advantage of the opportunity to use the restroom or buy a snack.

Undertaker's entrance is the most iconic entrance ever.

From personal experience, having been at WrestleMania 26, it truly gives you the goosebumps once that gong hits. Undertaker's entrance was one of my personal highlights along with the main event itself.

Undertaker is a man who has endured untold punishment.  He has endured several surgeries throughout his heavily tattooed body.

He has earned his moniker of the last outlaw.

He's been buried alive more times than Snooki has disgraced the fine state of New Jersey. He's had countless bumps and bruises from all the 28 years of matches he has endured.

Hell in a Cell, Buried Alive, Inferno and Casket matches were all inspired by the Undertaker's violent nature. These matches have taken an even further toll on his body.

There is an inconvenient truth that must be told in lieu of this celebration of Undertaker's career and all his accomplishments.

Undertaker must retire. 

First of all, there is no better way for Undertaker to come out than to come out on top at a match billed "End of an Era."

His match with Triple H marked the 25th occasion a Hell in a Cell match took place. It was the first time it was Triple H vs. Undertaker inside that demonic structure; even though these two men wrestled in well over half of them.

The match itself did not disappoint.

The storytelling was absolutely brilliant. Jim Ross did an exemplary job of picturing the surreal atmosphere of the match. Shawn Michaels added something extra to an already stellar match.

The post-match respect shown by each of the three men was a fantastic touch to the emotions felt after the end of a wonderful era.

It is true that Undertaker's retirement would not be a perfect exit like Shawn Michaels' was. But HBK's retirement was the exception to the rule.

But going out on top at WrestleMania is about as good of an ending as he can possibly get. Defeating long-time rival Triple H is a great way to cap off a wonderful career.

Second of all, Undertaker would not benefit from wrestling another match. He is just simply too broken down to put on another match which will rival his match on April 1, 2012.


Undertaker has suffered a litany of serious injuries as of late. For his sake, he needs to retire before he causes any further damage.

Keep in mind he just turned 47 years old.

The man behind the Undertaker, Mark Callaway, is set for life with a net worth of $34 million.

Callaway does not need the money to wrestle like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan. He has no reason to wrestle unless he has a strong desire to do so.

I do not want to remember a broken Undertaker wrestling well past his prime just to continue his unbreakable streak.

Nobody is going to end the streak unless Undertaker wants it too. Regardless of who ends the streak, there is just too much pressure for anyone to live up to the expectation of being the one man who defeated the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

This is not unlike Kublai Kahn trying to live up to his grandfather Genghis Kahn. It is just impossible to succeed a legend like that.

It's not worth it.

Instead, I want to remember Undertaker's legendary career, spanning 28 years from his early days in World Class Championship Wrestling to his final days in WWE.

Undertaker's 20-0 record at WrestleMania speaks for itself.

There is no better way to logically cap off the Undertaker's career than 20-0.

But how can WWE create the end of the Undertaker? How can WWE create his last stanza?

Undertaker's Last Stanza Created


Devote an entire Raw to the Deadman's final burial in May 28 in New Orleans. May 28 is an optimal date because it does not interfere with any major pay-per-view builds.

Advertise this Raw as the final opportunity to see the Undertaker. Give it a major build to make sure everyone has an opportunity to view the Undertaker's end.

Make sure this retirement ceremony is absolutely epic. Bring in Paul Bearer and all the druids to augment the aura around the arena. 

Undertaker can justify his retirement because he obtained that finality and certainty when he defeated Triple H. He now sees that the end has come.

Of course, Kane must be present. Perhaps give Kane a title shot that night. Then Kane can go on the mic to discuss their long history together.

Make all the wrestlers and legends pay Undertaker his respects in some way. Have all the wrestlers still alive who Undertaker defeated at WrestleMania appear to pay respect as well.

Compile a list of interviews and promos from all of Undertaker's past allies and rival praising Undertaker's resilience in the ring.

Undertaker should NOT be praised out-of-character, even though he is heavily respected backstage.

He is the end of a dying breed of larger-than-life gimmicks harkening back to an era where a lot of fans believed wrestling was a real sport. Any praise of Mark Callaway would only tarnish the Undertaker's mystique.

End the show by giving Undertaker his final entrance to the ring. Let the druids precede him as he slowly enters the ring.

Hold nothing back in theatrics and time. Make sure there are no commercial breaks during this ceremony.

Undertaker finally enters the casket as 20,000 onlookers are in complete awe. The arena goes completely dark.

"Gong!" The loudspeakers blare. "Gong! Gong!"

The spotlight shines on the casket in the center of the ring. It follows the casket as it approaches the designated burial spot near the entrance ramp. Emotions run rife as the Undertaker says these harrowing words. "I will finally rest in peace!"


The Undertaker is now gone.

I want to conclude by thanking the Undertaker for giving us decades of a wonderful career filled with timeless moments and spectacular matches.

I will always remember the moment where he delivered that final tombstone on Shawn Michaels two years ago.

I hope this case for his retirement does him justice. If Undertaker himself reads this article, I hope he doesn't go over to my house to tombstone me because I suggested he should retire.

Undertaker, rest in peace.

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