Lexington Police Scanner Lights Up Twitter After Kentucky's NCAA Title Win

Mick AkersAnalyst IApril 3, 2012

Courtesy of www.dailykos.com
Courtesy of www.dailykos.com

The Lexington, Ky. police scanner lit up up shortly after the Kentucky Wildcats disposed of the Kansas Jayhawks, 67-59, in the 2012 NCAA national title game, giving many as much entertainment as the actual basketball game itself.

Rioters in the Lexington area not only kept the police in the area busy, but also people across the world as they tuned in to get in on the action as well.

Throughout the night on Twitter, the hash tag #lexingtonpolicescanner became a popular trend on on the social media network as people across the world tuned in to hear how the Wildcat fanbase celebrated their school's big accomplishment.

How popular, you ask? According to USA Today, #lexingtonpolicescanner became the No.1 trending topic worldwide at around 2 a.m. ET Tuesday.

Many of the police reports involved fires, especially that of couches being set ablaze on sides of roads and more unusual fires like boxes filled with cooking oil.

Other more serious accounts included a shooting, burglaries and even a car going into a building, as witnessed by a police officer.

The occurrence of fans rioting after sports teams winning major titles is nothing new, as it has been taking place as long as I can remember. The fact that our society is now so technologically advanced the whole world can tune into almost any city's police scanner around the world via an app on a cell phone or over their home computers is astounding—it takes anyone who wants to listen into the middle of the action.

The rioting will somewhat sour the championship won by Kentucky, but it won't overshadow coach John Calipari's first title with Wildcats, no matter how much Twitter blew up during the height of the madness.