Jeremy Lin Throws Up Post-Surgery and During Fan Q and A

Rocky SamuelsCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2012

To anyone who thought Jeremy Lin's knee surgery would make him an afterthought during all the heated jockeying for playoff spots going on among active NBA players, take a look at the attention Lin fostered on his Facebook page when he held an informal Q-and-A with fans.

Earlier in the evening, Lin had alerted his Twitter followers to the unexpected opportunity for some Facebook-to-Facebook time with the convalescing Knick, who was still woozy from pain killers. 

He woke up from a nap, proceeded to update his status that signaled he was ready for questions and, within minutes, was engulfed in a virtual avalanche of banal queries about his animal preferences (he likes dogs more than cats), culinary favorites (he likes both sushi and steak), and a series of other personal and mainly trivial notes about his life.

Just as he does during every game he plays, Lin left everything on the floor: he threw up during the Q-and-A and announced this in his final status update of the evening.

Lin's note that he was already home from the hospital, resting and recovering, drew hundreds of virtual hugs in the form of Facebook "likes."

His Facebook "friends" no doubt join the rest of the Knick Nation in hoping for a speedy recovery for Lin that will culminate in a triumphant Willis Reed-like moment for the playoffs.