2012 NFL Draft: South Dakota State University Wide Receiver Dale Moss

Scott BischoffCorrespondent IIApril 2, 2012

Dale Moss is a dynamic athlete who played wide receiver at South Dakota State University.  At his recent pro day he measured in at 6’ 3-1/2” and 213 pounds.  Moss follows a huge trend coming over to football from the basketball court.  He has played football for one year.

Dale Moss is blowing up the Internet right now showcasing his athletic ability by dunking basketballs from just about anywhere on the basketball court.  He also had an incredible pro day workout.  He ran a 4.45 second 40-yard dash. 

Moss also put up a vertical jump of 41.5”, jumped a 10’10” broad jump and put up a 6.32 second 3-cone drill time.  These numbers are absolutely ridiculous for a bid wide receiver like Dale Moss.

I got the chance to talk to him about his time at college and his pro day performance and his future going forward into the NFL.  He was a pleasure to talk to; a very engaging guy with a great personality.

We talked about what college was like for him.  I asked how he ended up at South Dakota State.  He said that he was born in Iowa, and his family moved to South Dakota when he was very young.  He mentioned that he had originally planned to go to school out of state, but for “family reasons he stayed close so he could take care of things back at home.” 

He said that he had no regrets and that South Dakota State was a great place to go to school.  He said “I feel fortunate to be here.” 


I asked him what his favorite moment was from college.  He told me that it was his last home game, their homecoming game.  He said he had a really big game, especially a big first half.  He said that it was special considering where he came from, working from the bottom to becoming one if the best receivers in the conference.  He said that he appreciated the support of the fans.

Moss played basketball for four years at South Dakota State before coming over to play football for one season.  This is becoming a big trend in the NFL as basketball players are realizing that their size and athletic ability can serve them well on the football field.

I asked him if he thought that playing basketball had helped him.  He said “I definitely think basketball has helped me a lot, especially from the stand point of making plays on balls in traffic.”  He said on the basketball court “I have to clear out space, I have someone on me, you know, I have to go up and get it and it’s like it’s pretty similar in football.”

“If there’s a ball there I feel one of my strengths is really be able to measure it up and time it up well and know when someone’s there to use my body to shield them off and make plays.”  He said that he was not afraid to sacrifice his body on the basketball court and he likes to be that way on the football field as well. 

I talked about the footwork that is required for a wide receiver, especially in and out of their routes.  “I had to learn the footwork of football but the overall just background of me having good feet to start off with, I definitely think that’s helped me being able to change direction because I had to do that on the basketball court all the time.”


We talked about him meeting with teams and he told me that he had been busy with workouts and visits but refused to tell me who he had been meeting with.  He just left it that he has visits set up with teams.

This is a time of transition for these guys.  Imagine that you have graduated from college and you don’t know where you are going to go to work.  In one flash of a moment Dale Moss will have his future decided.  I asked him if he was ready for it.  He said that he was going into it with an open mind. 

He said he was willing to do anything to help the team and would play special teams.  “I fully plan and fully want to be a receiver in the NFL.”  “Special teams are something, if they ask, I am definitely going to do” and that his goal was to be a contributor from day one.

He said that while he has only played one year he has a great work ethic and that “I’m going to go into every situation fully competing for a spot and trying to get on the field the first year.” 

I asked what the strengths of his game were.  He said “I’m definitely a reliable receiver and I have very good hands.”  He said he was a bigger body and he was very physical and that he doesn’t drop passes when they come his way.

I asked him what he would tell the fans if the team that drafts him and he said that he wants them to know that they are getting “a guy who has high character, a very hard work ethic and a guy who is going to embrace the highs and lows.”  He said that he planned on being active in the community and that he would represent the organization well.

Moss is an electric athlete as evidenced by the basketball video.  He is clearly a player who can contribute as a wide receiver and the recent trend of basketball players coming over to the football field and having success gives us all a reason to not sleep on him.

Scott Bischoff is a Contributor for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand or from official interview materials.