Fantasy Baseball: Projected Home Run Leaders for 2012

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Fantasy Baseball: Projected Home Run Leaders for 2012
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White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko, a consensus Round 4 fantasy pick, has averaged 32.6 homers the last three seasons.

Based on Accuscore's sophisticated yet usually spot-on statistical evaluations, these 39 power hitters will crack at least 25 homers from this point forward (April 4-Sept. 30):

1. Jose Bautista, Blue Jays—46
2. Albert Pujols, Angels—38
3. Prince Fielder, Tigers—34
4. Paul Konerko, White Sox—34
5. Mark Teixeira, Yankees—33
6. Curtis Granderson, Yankees—32
7. Mark Reynolds, Orioles—32
8. Nelson Cruz, Rangers—31
9. Giancarlo Stanton, Marlins—31
10. Miguel Cabrera, Tigers—31
11. Dan Uggla, Braves—30
12. Matt Kemp, Dodgers—30
13. Josh Hamilton, Rangers—30
14. Brett Lawrie, Blue Jays—30
15. Adrian Beltre, Rangers—29
16. Ryan Braun, Brewers—29
17. Jay Bruce, Reds—29
18. David Ortiz, Red Sox—29
19. Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies—29
20. Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies—29
21. Joey Votto, Reds—28
22. Lance Berkman, Cardinals—28
23. Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox—28
24. Adam Lind, Blue Jays—28
25. Corey Hart, Brewers—28
26. Robinson Cano, Yankees—27
27. Mike Napoli, Rangers—27
28. Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox—26
29. Matt Holliday, Cardinals—26
30. Michael Morse, Nationals—26
31. Nick Swisher, Yankees—26
32. Aramis Ramirez, Brewers—25
33. Evan Longoria, Rays—25
34. Carlos Pena, Rays—25
35. Josh Willingham, Twins—25
36. Alfonso Soriano, Cubs—25
37. Vernon Wells, Angels—25
38. Justin Upton, Diamondbacks—25
39. Rickie Weeks, Brewers—25

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