Randy Orton Gets Into ANOTHER Altercation With a Fan at a House Show

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIJanuary 19, 2009

It seems as if the old anger issues that used to get the best of WWE Superstar Randy Orton might be starting to rear their ugly heads yet again. At a live event in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Randy Orton got into an altercation with a fan yet again.

The fan apparently said some things that upset Orton, and Randy responded by getting in the fan's face. Orton erupted using some foul language, took his hat and threw it, and then pushed the guardrail back, which hit the fan's leg. It didn't appear as if the fan got injured, and the security came over to break the incident up before it got worse.

It was only but a few weeks ago that Orton was involved in another confrontation with a fan at a live WWE house show. In that incident, another fan provoked Orton to the point where he got in that fan's face as well. This happened after Orton threw John Cena into the guardrail, making it very visible to this man who was a fan of Cena.

Later in the match, someone threw a beer at Orton while he was wrestling and the fan was taken away. He was quite vocal and had to be tasered as he was taken out of the arena.

Although it appears as if the fans are the ones who are getting to Orton, Randy needs to do a much better job at controlling his anger. He is on the verge of a monumental push and cannot afford the kinds of incidents that could result in a lawsuit.