Biggest Question Mark on Every NFL Team's Roster

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIApril 3, 2012

Biggest Question Mark on Every NFL Team's Roster

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    Even with the bevy of activity in free agency and team trades, every single NFL team still has question marks on their roster. No team is completely complete.

    While some teams may only have one or two question marks (New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers), other teams have question mark after question mark on their roster (Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars).

    Today, we'll look at the biggest question mark on every team's roster.

Arizona Cardinals

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    Before the 2011 season, the Arizona Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb. He was supposed to be a franchise quarterback who the Cardinals had missed since Kurt Warner retired.

    Unfortunately, Kolb's first season with the team didn't turn out so well. He struggled with injuries, only played in nine games and only recorded a quarterback rating of 81.1.

    Now the Cardinals need to re-think whether Kolb is really going to be the quarterback of the future. The fact that they attempted to sign Peyton Manning shows that the front office may not be too confident in Kolb either.

    This will be the make-or-break year for Kolb. If he provides stability at quarterback, the Cardinals can move forward with him. If he struggles again, Arizona will likely look for a replacement.

Atlanta Falcons

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    Biggest Question: Middle Linebacker


    Losing Curtis Lofton leaves a huge question at middle linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. The fact that Lofton signed with the New Orleans Saints make it an even harder pill to swallow.

    The only middle linebackers left on the Falcons' roster are Akeem Dent and Lofa Tatupu. Neither of them will be able to even come close to producing like Lofton did for the Falcons.

    Without a draft pick in the first round, Atlanta will also struggle to find a viable replacement through the draft. We could see their defense take a major hit in production in 2012 if they can't figure out the middle of their defense quickly.

Baltimore Ravens

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    Biggest Question: Offensive Guard


    The Baltimore Ravens were hit hard in free agency. They lost starters Cory Redding to the Indianapolis Colts and Jarret Johnson to the San Diego Chargers. 

    Their biggest loss, however, was that of offensive guard Ben Grubbs. He was one of the most stable players on their offensive line and a huge reason why Ray Rice was so successful.

    Now, the Ravens will attempt to move Jah Reid from tackle to guard to replace Grubbs. As such a young player, combined with the fact that Reid is a little oversized, makes this appear to be a difficult transition for Reid.

    Losing Grubbs could be the biggest free-agency loss in the entire NFL if Reid doesn't work out at left guard.

Buffalo Bills

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    Biggest Question: Wide Receiver


    The Buffalo Bills inked Stevie Johnson to a new five-year deal worth $36.25 million. While this was definitely a great move for the team, they still have a big question mark opposite Johnson on the roster.

    The receivers behind Johnson on the depth chart are David Nelson, Donald Jones and Brad Smith. Neither of those receivers are ready to be the No. 2 for the Bills, and Buffalo wasn't able to add someone in free agency.

    Now, they'll likely look to address this position in the upcoming NFL draft. However, if Justin Blackmon and Michael Floyd are gone by the 10th pick, the Bills could be in trouble finding another option to play along with Johnson.

    It's absolutely true that the Bills have improved greatly through free agency, but they still have a big question at wide receiver. 

Carolina Panthers

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    Biggest Question: Wide Receiver


    The Carolina Panthers have one of the most exciting players in the NFL in Cam Newton, but they now need to surround him with weapons.

    Sure, they have Steve Smith who had an exceptional season in 2011, but Smith is getting older and the Panthers don't have another legitimate receiver opposite Smith. Brandon LaFell and David Gettis are talented receivers, but neither of them are ready to take over larger responsibilities.

    If they want to truly compete in the NFL South, they need to get more receivers to complement Newton and make him even more dangerous.

Chicago Bears

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    Biggest Question: Offensive Line


    Now that the Chicago Bears have added a legitimate No. 1 receiver to their roster with Brandon Marshall, the biggest question has now been shifted to their offensive line.

    This unit has been extremely bad over the past few seasons. While Gabe Carimi looks like the future at left tackle, the rest of the offensive line still has numerous holes to fill.

    Should the Bears add another one or two talented lineman before the 2012 season, they could be a difficult team to beat.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Biggest Question: Running Back


    The Cincinnati Bengals are likely to lose Cedric Benson, but they did gain BenJarvus Green-Ellis from the New England Patriots.

    While this was a solid move for the team, it doesn't completely solve the problem that the Bengals have at running back. With Andy Dalton, A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham, the Bengals need to add a dynamic running back to make their offense truly complete.

    Cincinnati has a young and talented defense, and as long as they can continue to improve their backfield, they should be a real threat to win the AFC North in 2012.

Cleveland Browns

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    Biggest Question: Running Back


    Quick, name the running backs that the Cleveland Browns currently have on their roster. Can't think of one? Well, you certainly aren't alone.

    Now that Peyton Hillis is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Browns have a huge question mark at running back. The most likely scenario to fix this problem involves the Browns drafting Trent Richardson with the fourth pick of the 2012 NFL draft.

    If they don't answer this question, the Browns will continue to live in the cellar of the AFC North.

Dallas Cowboys

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    Biggest Question: Offensive Line


    By adding Brandon Carr in free agency, the Dallas Cowboys addressed their biggest, which was cornerback. The rest of their roster is quite complete, with the only real question being across the offensive line.

    They made a great pick in last year's draft by taking Tyron Smith, who has quickly become one of the top offensive tackles in the NFL. However, the rest of their line leaves much to be desired. 

    They don't really have quality talent at any of the other positions across the offensive line. For Tony Romo and this entire team to succeed, they need to be able to protect and open up holes for this offense.

    The Cowboys are always a threat to make a run in the playoffs, but answering their questions along the offensive line could make them a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Denver Broncos

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    Biggest Question: Wide Receiver


    Now that the Denver Broncos have added Peyton Manning, the only question that remains is who is he going to throw the ball to.

    While Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker have some talent, they don't appear to be truly elite receivers. There is no doubt that Manning has the incredible ability to get the most out of his receivers, but he's always had a Reggie Wayne or Marvin Harrison to rely on in difficult times.

    Without a true No. 1 receiver, how will Manning perform? This will be a huge question for the Broncos heading into the season.

Detroit Lions

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    Biggest Question: Cornerback


    After finally getting back into the playoffs, the Detroit Lions look to have an extremely bright future ahead of them. They have an explosive offense with an aggressive front seven on defense.

    Their biggest question is at cornerback. This position has been an issue recently as the Lions don't really have any elite talent in their secondary. Chris Houston and Jacob Lacey are great depth players, but neither are even close to be considered a true shutdown cornerback.

    If the Lions want to take that next step forward, they'll need to shore up their cornerbacks.

Green Bay Packers

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    Biggest Question: Outside Linebacker


    You could really pick a number of positions on the defensive side of the football that the Green Bay Packers have questions at.

    However, their biggest question is at outside linebacker. Over the entire 2011 season, Green Bay was unable to get any production from the outside linebacker opposite Clay Matthews. 

    Without the ability to get pressure on the quarterback, the Packers saw their defense struggle mightily in 2011. They gave up the most yards through the air per game in the NFL.

    There is no doubting that the Packers possess one of the most potent offenses in the league, but as long as they remain thin at outside linebacker, they'll continue to give up plenty of yards and points on defense.

Houston Texans

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    While the obvious answer regarding the biggest question on the Houston Texans would be defensive end or outside linebacker because of the loss of Mario Williams, that simply isn't true. The Texans played exceptionally well on defense after Williams was lost for the season because of a torn pectoral muscle.

    The biggest question on this team lies with the quarterback position. There is no doubt that Matt Schaub is a fantastic quarterback when healthy, but he has definitely had his difficulties staying healthy.

    Over the past five seasons, Schaub has missed a total of 16 games. It hurt the most last year when Schaub missed the final six games of a very promising season for Houston.

    While the Texans don't need to find a starting quarterback, they do need to find a quality replacement in case Schaub finds himself injured again.

Indianapolis Colts

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    To be fair, this question will be answered on April 26th when the Indianapolis Colts draft Andrew Luck with the top overall pick. However, since we are talking about the biggest question on the roster right now, it has to be quarterback for the Colts.

    There aren't many teams that lose their Hall of Fame quarterback and don't have a question at that position. Indianapolis has questions all over their roster, but quarterback is easily their biggest one.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback.


    When your team is seriously interested in adding Tim Tebow to their roster, there are obvious questions at the quarterback position. Granted, the Jacksonville Jaguars didn't exactly surround Blaine Gabbert with talent at wide receiver, but his 65.4 quarterback rating left quite a bit to be desired in Jacksonville.

    With one of the premier running backs in the league in Maurice Jones-Drew and an underrated defense, the Jaguars have a rather solid roster. The only exception is at quarterback where the jury is still out on whether Gabbert is the answer for Jacksonville.

    In a quarterback-driven league, Jacksonville needs to answer this question if they want any chance to become a contending team in the AFC.

Kansas City Chiefs

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    Biggest Question: Running Back


    Even though the Kansas City Chiefs signed Peyton Hillis and will be getting Jamaal Charles back, there are still plenty of questions concerning their backfield.

    For example, is Charles back at full strength? Was Hillis a one-year wonder and nothing more? These are some pretty large questions surrounding what is supposed to be the strongest unit on your roster.

    If Hillis was a one-year wonder and Charles struggles to regain his quickness and agility, the Chiefs could be looking at a long season in front of them.

Miami Dolphins

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    No real surprise with this question as the Miami Dolphins missed out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. They also lost Chad Henne and become so desperate that they signed David Garrard.

    This team needs a quarterback in the worst way. The only question that remains is who that quarterback will be. 

    The Dolphins could take Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick or look for one later in the draft such as Kirk Cousins or Brandon Weeden. They could also move forward with Matt Moore or Garrard.

    One thing that is certain is that if the Dolphins don't take a quarterback somewhere in the draft, there will likely be a multitude of fans picketing outside the facilities in Miami.

Minnesota Vikings

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    Biggest Question: Wide Receiver


    With Christian Ponder definitely looking like the franchise quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, they now need to find him some receivers.

    Percy Harvin is a great No. 2 guy, but he clearly doesn't have what it takes to be a top receiver in this league. Minnesota needs to pair Harvin with a receiver like Sidney Rice, so both players could benefit.

    While Ponder does have Kyle Rudolph and John Carlson to help in his development, there's nothing quite like a true No. 1 receiver who a quarterback trusts to help improve a young player.

    Minnesota needs to find that receiver.

New England Patriots

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    Biggest Question: Secondary


    When your secondary gives up over 400 passing yards a game, I think it's safe to say that you have some questions on that part of your roster.

    What's interesting with the New England Patriots' secondary is that there are some fairly talented players back there. Guys like Patrick Chung, Kyle Arrington and Devin McCourty are all talented, but together as a unit, they really struggled in 2011.

    Should the Patriots add a talented playmaker in their secondary, they would have to be considered the favorites to get to the Super Bowl from the AFC.

New Orleans Saints

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    Biggest Question: Cornerback


    With Tracy Porter leaving the New Orleans Saints for the Denver Broncos, the Saints biggest question is with their cornerbacks.

    Jabari Greer will be the opening day starter on one side, but no one else on the roster is capable of being a starter opposite Greer. 

    Even though the Saints may be able to throw for 400 yards on any opponent, if they don't improve and get answers to their questions at cornerback, it's likely that they'll give up just as many yards through the air as they gain.

New York Giants

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    Biggest Question: Tight End


    With injuries to both Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum, the New York Giants have to answer questions about their tight ends.

    They did sign Martellus Bennett in free agency, and while he will prove to be a viable option at tight end, he isn't quite as good as Ballard or Beckum. Considering how much Eli Manning loves his tight ends, this is a rather important question for the Giants to figure out.

    Coming off a Super Bowl victory, the Giants have one of the more complete rosters in the entire league. Answering their questions at tight end will only make them that much more dangerous.

New York Jets

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    There's only one question surrounding the New York Jets these days: Will Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez be starting more games at quarterback in 2012?

    The fact that the Jets even brought in Tebow shows how huge a question the quarterback position is for this team. All I can smell from this entire situation in New York is disaster for all parties involved.

Oakland Raiders

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    Biggest Question: Cornerback


    First, the Oakland Raiders lose Nnamdi Asomugha before the 2011 season. Then, this offseason brings the loss of Stanford Routt to their secondary.

    Now the Raiders are stuck with Shawntae Spencer and Ron Bartell at cornerback. Neither of those names should instill a sense of confidence in Raider Nation. And without any early draft picks in the 2012 NFL draft, it is highly unlikely for the Raiders to answer this question immediately through the draft.

    That means that Oakland's secondary is likely to get beat early and often in 2012 unless players step up or they find an absolute gem in the draft.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Biggest Question: Offensive Tackle


    With left tackle Jason Peters going down with an Achilles injury, the Philadelphia Eagles have a major need at offensive tackle. Peters was one of the best tackles in the league in 2011, and if he misses significant time, it would be a huge blow to Philadelphia's offense.

    Since this injury happened so late in the offseason, the Eagles haven't really had a chance to have a game plan on how to answer this question on their roster. There are still some free agents available, mainly Demetrius Bell and Kareem McKenzie. However, neither of those players is anywhere near as talented as Peters.

    Philadelphia could also look to find a replacement through the draft, but with the 15th pick, it's unlikely for a truly elite prospect to be there. The best-case-scenario for the Eagles is to find a short-term answer until Peters can fully recover.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Biggest Question: Running Back


    With Rashard Mendenhall possibly starting the 2012 season on the Physically Unable to Perform list, the Pittsburgh Steelers biggest question is at running back.

    Their offense runs best when they have a balanced attack, and the possibility of losing Mendenhall is a big hit to the Steelers' offense. Without anyone viable to replace him, Pittsburgh could have some trouble on offense in 2012.

    If the Steelers can't effectively move the ball on the ground, their recent dominance in the AFC will likely come to an end.

San Diego Chargers

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    Biggest Question: Inside Linebacker


    With the signing of Jarret Johnson from the Baltimore Ravens, the San Diego Chargers addressed one of their questions at outside linebacker. However, now they need to answer questions at inside linebacker.

    Takeo Spikes will turn 36 years old during the 2012 season, and while Donald Butler played well last year, he doesn't appear to be an elite player. That leaves the Chargers in need of upgraded their inside linebacker position.

    The most likely way for this to happen for the Chargers is through the draft. Prospects like Dont'a Hightower, Luke Kuechley and even Courtney Upshaw would be a perfect fit for San Diego.

    They could even draft a player who needs time to develop and let him learn from a player like Spikes. Whatever way the Chargers decide to go, they'll definitely need to address middle linebacker before the 2012 season.

San Francisco 49ers

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    Biggest Question: Wide Receiver


    Sure, the San Francisco 49ers signed Mario Manningham and Randy Moss, but there are still plenty of questions at wide receiver.

    Will Moss be worth anything after taking an entire year off? Can Michael Crabtree or Manningham establish themselves as a legitimate No. 1 receiver? Those are some pretty hefty questions heading into the season.

    The weakest point for San Francisco was definitely their aerial game, and while their offseason signings look nice on paper, it is still to early to know just how much those moves will improve their offense.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    The biggest question for the Seattle Seahawks is whether or not Matt Flynn had one good game or does he have the tools to be an elite quarterback in this league?

    That is the question on everyone's mind. For a team that nearly sneaked into the playoffs last year, the Seahawks appear to be one talented quarterback away from being an extremely dangerous team.

    Is Flynn that quarterback? We'll find out soon enough.

St. Louis Rams

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    Biggest Question: Wide Receiver


    Can anyone even name a wide receiver on the St. Louis Rams roster? Didn't think so.

    Quarterback Sam Bradford is in terrible need of a top target, but the Rams simply don't have anything close to that on their roster right now. That is a terrible situation for a young quarterback to be in.

    Look for the Rams to take a hard look at Justin Blackmon during the 2012 draft in an attempt to answer their biggest question.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Biggest Question: Middle Linebacker


    Rookie Mason Foster had an impressive start to his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, his production diminished as the season progressed, and it became evident that Foster isn't the answer at middle linebacker for Tampa Bay.

    So, who is the answer? Well, the Buccaneers were hoping that it would be Curtis Lofton, but they lost that battle to the New Orleans Saints. Now, they're stuck with either Foster or Mike Balogun. Those aren't very good options.

    Tampa Bay made some major noise in free agency by signing wide receiver Vincent Jackson and guard Carl Nicks. They could be ready to make a run if they can fill their need at middle linebacker.

Tennessee Titans

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    Biggest Question: Cornerback


    The Tennessee Titans lost arguably their best defensive player in Cortland Finnegan to the St. Louis Rams in free agency. To put it simply, they don't have anyone on their current roster to replace him.

    Tennessee could look to draft his replacement, but with a later pick in the first round, they'll likely be reaching for a player not worth that pick. They could always look to trade for a player like Asante Samuel, but they'll likely have to give up too much to make it worth their while.

    Without Finnegan or a replacement player, it could be a difficult season for Tennessee.

Washington Redskins

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    Biggest Question: Quarterback


    Much like the Indianapolis Colts, the Washington Redskins will answer their biggest question with the second pick of the draft when they select Robert Griffin III.

    As of right now, the Redskins quarterbacks are John Beck and Rex Grossman. Yeah, I'd say that quarterback is a pretty huge question mark for this team.