Devon Still to Bengals: Video Highlights, Scouting Report and Analysis

Ryan AlfieriCorrespondent IIIApril 27, 2012

There has been a lot of talk around other defensive tackle prospects such as Michael Brockers and Dontari Poe with their exceptional upside, but for some reason or another, Devon Still has not generated much discussion, despite his production.

The 6'5", 310-pound defensive tackle seemed to find a way to harness his talent during his senior season for the Nittany Lions, nabbing 17 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks in 2011. 

There are a lot of varying opinions on where exactly Still ranks in comparison to his fellow DT counterparts. West Bunting of the National Football Post has him as his second-best tackle, while Still is listed as the fifth best defensive tackle on Mike Mayock's rankings

Still does a lot of things well in both the run and pass game and has the versatility to line up almost anywhere on the defensive line. According to Bunting, Still shows flashes of dominance:

Has the ability to bend, as he at times keeps his base down and butt under him off the snap. And when he can gain leverage on contact the guy has the ability to consistently overwhelm at the point and dominate.

The issue with Still is that he simply does not have the incredible upside as other prospects like Poe and Fletcher Cox. He does not show the incredible explosiveness that makes a scout think that he can continue to improve at the next level. There is also a question as to exactly how motivated he can be on the field. After an average junior season, there is justifiable skepticism that he is a bit of a one-year wonder. He has been known to take plays off and not keep a consistent motor running. 

To me, Still has a very good chance to be a solid player in the NFL. With proper coaching, he can start immediately for just about any team looking for D-line help. His size of just over 300 lbs allows him to play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme, so just about every team could use a player like him on the roster. 

Still is not going to be the next Warren Sapp, but if he can stay motivated and build on what he did during his senior year at Penn State, he can be productive from day one. 


Pick Analysis

Still comes to the Cincinnati Bengals with the pedigree of a big-time college program and some shiny numbers, but he lacks the sheer athleticism that many of his other defensive-tackle colleagues possess, at least the ones who've been shooting up draft boards. Consequently, the upside doesn't appear to be as high for Still, but the Bengals might still have scored themselves a solid defender up front.