Third Bald Prophet 2009 NCAA Tourney Projection

Marc DaleyAnalyst IJanuary 19, 2009

The one and two seeds didn't change in terms of teams, but some did switch locations.  Kentucky and Washington were big movers up the food chain this week.  Michigan and Notre Dame moved down; in fact, Notre Dame is in danger of falling out of the bracket altogether.

That being said, the last four at-large bids went to Southern Cal (winning record in the Pac-10), Missouri (but the loss of Leo Lyons puts them on a teeter), Dayton (which could ride on Xavier's coattails but has improved this past week), and Utah (solid RPI and are tied for the Mountain West lead).

The last four out are Maryland (in last week but have a losing record in the ACC), LSU (doesn't have a great résumé despite a good overall record), Stanford (despite winning over Cal, and they could be in next week), and San Diego State (Mountain West is the seventh-best conference and has the only chance of a mid-major getting three teams in.)



1 UConn v. 16 Jacksonville

2 UNC v. 15 American

3 Georgetown v. 14 Cornell

4 Memphis v. 13 Northern Iowa

5 Cal v. 12 Dayton

6 Texas v. 11 Miami (Fla.)

7 Kentucky v. 10 Wisconsin

8 Oklahoma State v. 9 Purdue



1 Wake Forest v. 16 Robert Morris/Alabama St.

2 Syracuse v. 15 Albany

3 Xavier v. 14 VMI

4 Illinois v. 13 Buffalo

5 Florida v. 12 Southern Cal

6 Washington v. 11 Utah

7 Kansas v. 10 Minnesota

8 Gonzaga v. 9 West Virginia



1 Duke v. 16 Hampton

2 Michigan State v. 15 Austin Peay

3 Arizona State v. 14 Arkansas-Little Rock

4 Marquette v. 13 Utah State

5 Butler v. 12 Missouri

6 Villanova v. 11 Mississippi State

7 Baylor v. 10 BYU

8 Davidson v. 9 Michigan



1 Pitt v. 16 North Dakota State

2 Oklahoma v. 15 Portland State

3 Clemson v. 14 Long Beach State

4 UCLA v. 13 Stephen F. Austin

5 Louisville v. 12 George Mason

6 Ohio State v. 11 Notre Dame

7 St. Mary’s v. 10 Siena

8 Tennessee v. 9 Florida State