The Canadiens Almost Let a Sure Thing Get Away

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Maxime Lappiere was very creative, as the Habs, behind two goals from Alex Kovalev, overcame what should have been an easy win for them Saturday night. They seemed to have the game in hand, until they began to take the Senators too lightly and in the third period and overtime Heatley and Spezza almost stole it away.

Heatley scored two goals and Fisher had one as Spezza became quite the stick handler and the Canadiens couldn't seem to get the puck back. I was sweating as I watched all these goings on, wondering if the two points were gone and they might not even get one point.

The overtime seemed to fly by and then the shoot-out with Spezza up first what would happen? The puck flew over the net. Now Kovalev skating in sliding the puck in on Elliot's blocker side, now Alfredson who hit Halak in the chest. Then comes our creative player of the game. Maxime Lappiere starts and unusual move that seemed to be a reenactment of Friday's game in Philadelpha, only difference being Lappiere scored giving the Habs the win.

As I watched this game I noticed that Robert Lang is showing is full value throughout not just this game, but this season. We desperately need Tanquay, Koivu, Price, and the rest of the boys back, but the Canadiens continue to win so getting them back will be a bonus.