Kansas City Royals Spotlight: Zack Greinke

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009


Zack Greinke, the future ace of the Kansas City Royals.

It hasn't always been good for him though. During spring training in the '06 season he suffered a mental breakdown during a bullpen season.

Greinke announced he was leaving the team. Through much of the 2006 season Greinke seeked help for depression and anxiety. He was able to come back and threw three games as a reliever.

In 2007 he returned as the starter. After some tough outings he was moved to the bullpen. Moving to the bullpen changed his career. In the bullpen he found more arm strength and was hitting the upper 90's with his fastball.

He lowered his ERA significantly and almost became the team's closer at the end of the season.

Entering the '08 season Greinke started the season as the number three starter. Throughout the season he continued to prove people wrong. He played much of the season like an ace.

Greinke had an ERA of 3.47 and was 13-10 starting in 32 games. 13-10 dosen't seem like ace statistics, but for a 75-87 team—and minimal run support—that is pretty darn good.

Greinke is going nowhere but up. Next year, I wouldn't be surprised if he wins anywhere from 15 to 20 games with an ERA close to three.

If we can get him some run support, I don't see why he can't be a 20-game winner. I think the worst thing the Royals can do is trade this All-Star talent.

If the Royals want to win, they can't trade away players like Greinke for potential talent.

Greinke will be a great player. We just need him to stay in a Royals uniform long enough to see what he can do.