Freddie Roach Doesn't Think GSP vs Anderson Silva Will Happen

First LastCorrespondent IApril 2, 2012

What could turn out to be one of the most anticipated fights in MMA history between reigning UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre might not be more than just a dream fight, and world-renowned boxing trainer Freddie Roach thinks that's all it will ever be, at least for now.

"Anderson Silva hits harder because he's a lot bigger," Roach said in breaking down the fight. "But Georges is also a good puncher also. But the thing is, size wise, I think Anderson's a little more fluent at this point. He's a lot bigger than Georges, of course.

"That's why I don't think that fight, they've been talking about that fight happening, I don't think it will happen. I've talked to Georges about it and (Silva is) just way too big, and it's like Pacquiao fighting Martinez."

Talks of the super-fight have been going on throughout both champions' title reigns, but it hasn't really ever been close to happening. Many point to St-Pierre not wanting to jump immediately into a middleweight title fight without having carried the extra weight beforehand.

Since defeating Matt Serra to win the welterweight title in 2008, St-Pierre has defended it six times, including wins over Jake Shields, Thiago Alves, BJ Penn, Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck. Emerging challengers like Carlos Condit, Jake Ellenberger and Johny Hendricks might have him defending it plenty more before he would consider moving up.

Silva became the middleweight champion when he stopped Rich Franklin at UFC 64. His nine title defenses include those over Dan Henderson, Nate Marquardt, Vitor Belfort, Chael Sonnen, Yushin Okami and Demian Maia. He also ventured into the light-heavyweight division where he defeated Forrest Griffin and James Irvin. 

Both are considered the No.1 (Silva) and No. 2 (GSP) pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.

"Anderson Silva would have to lose a lot of weight, or GSP would have to gain a lot of weight and you don't fight efficiently when you are fighting outside your weight class and put the extra pounds on," Roach continued.

"For him to fight efficiently to win the fight, he would have to have the Spider come down in weight. It's give and take. If they meet in the middle somewhere, then maybe it's possible. At this point, I don't think it's going to happen."

Silva will be defending his title in a rematch against Sonnen at UFC 147. St-Pierre will be defending his title against Carlos Condit later this year.