Nuggets-SuperSonics: A Loss for the Ages

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Nuggets-SuperSonics: A Loss for the Ages
From the get-go, I just knew it was going to be a painful one to watch.  You could just tell.  The players didn't seem into it, we had only one healthy point guard (who pulled his hamstring at halftime), and we didn't have any scoring threat on the bench.

It was a dismal night, and I hate to say, but I think the mood might just stick around through the end of the season.


Hot Performers    

Mickael Gelabale was big for the Sonics for the third straight night.  He’s had a huge presence since his recall from the D league only two weeks ago, and you have to respect his performance in the second half tonight.  He was playing a position at which he has no prior experience.


Allen Iverson was nothing short of spectacular.  He had 31 points and missed only five FGs.  The Nuggets’ court chemistry lasted all night long and proved to be way too much for the fatigued, non-existent Sonics defense.



The Sonics Bench was absolutely pitiful.  It's funny to think that two weeks ago the Sonics were overflowing at the PG position, whereas tonight they had to throw in an inexperienced, second year SG for the entire second half.

Damien Wilkins played well, considering he had a sprained wrist.  But the new acquisitions seemed like they'd rather be someplace else.

At least Szczerbiak would get fired up during a game, even if it meant nothing.  The team tonight seemed like they just wanted to get the game over with and go home, and the score shows this.

No one played poorly for the Nuggets.  They even got some playing time for new acquisition Taurean Green, and he had a nice basket and a couple of free throws in just six minutes of work.


Turning Point

The game’s critical moment came when referee Ken Mauer tossed the ball up for the opening tip.


Overall Performance

This is the worst game I have ever seen the Seattle Supersonics play—and I have seen some doozies.

They were horrible at the fast break; they couldn't get up and down at all.  They threw the ball away at every opportunity, taking low percentage shots.

I know that they were beat up, but I'm hoping we won’t be forced to sit through more of the same as the new-look Sonics take on the last two months of the season.


Surprising Statistic

Seatttle: The Sonics had one less turnover than the Nuggets, with 16 compared to Denver's 17.

Denver: The Nuggets had a total of 35 assists on Wednesday, compared to Seattle's 16.


Defining Statistic

Fast break points:  Denver-38, Seattle-4

Sonics, that will not win games.  Period.



The Miami Heat rolls into town on Friday, so we are in for one great game!

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