Wrestlemania 28: How the Rock Winning Was the Best Decision for Cena

Montique DavidCorrespondent IIIApril 2, 2012

Before the big event, I wrote about how this is bigger than just another match, and how the right thing for business was for Cena to go over.

I was wrong.

After the match I marked out a bit because I grew up as a Rock fan, then I thought about it and thought that Rock gained nothing out of the win. Then it dawned on me.

This was the best decision for all involved, especially John Cena.

The main gripe that fans have with Cena is that he’s stale. That he’s become the Hulk Hogan of this generation, virtually unbeatable. That’s why many fans want to see him turn heel. They want to see something new. Tired of the same ol' same ol' when it comes to Cena. But he never needed a heel turn.

One thing that this loss does is add doubt into the John Cena character. The story that was told is that Cena became overconfident as he went for the People’s Elbow and got caught. With the loss goes the overbearing confidence that many people love to loathe about Cena. He won’t come out at Raw smiling and jovial. He’ll come out upset at himself and respecting what Rock brought to the table.

It puts a much needed wrinkle into the John Cena character. He never needed a turn. He just needed a tweak. With this loss to his largest adversary, he’ll have the tweak that he needed.

The only thing that remains is how this is followed up on. There are so many different directions they can go with his character. Let’s just hope they choose one that keeps us entertained.