WWE WrestleMania 28: The Event's 6 Biggest Losers

Stuart Broughton@@SLBroughton92Contributor IIIApril 2, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28: The Event's 6 Biggest Losers

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    This year's WrestleMania can be described in many ways, both positive and negative. However when it all comes down to it, the event was very satisfying as a whole! We got to see a number of blockbuster matchups, high impact moves, breathtaking moments and most of all John Cena vs. The Rock.

    Though with all of these winning moments throughout tonight there have to be some losers. These guys will be feeling down and out right now about blowing their chances on the biggest stage of them all. How they get on after such falls may not be clear, but they have a lot to do to make up for it.

    So who were the event's biggest losers?

6) Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton vs. Kane wasn't really every one's first choice of match for the WrestleMania card. It seemed like it would have been suited better as a main event on an episode of Raw or maybe even Smackdown but somehow it found its way to the granddaddy of them all. A lot of marks really didn't see the point of this match as it seemed predictable and pointless with little to no build up, though not me.

    Orton's entrance and the inevitable strike of the RKO always garners a guaranteed pop from a crowd. I saw this match simply as an excuse to include both of these early in the card to get everybody going. However when Kane hit the chokeslam of the top rope everything came crashing down. No one for a second thought he was ever going to come out of this with a win, let alone a clean one.

    Randy now looks very weak. Sure he has been doing the right thing by putting over the young talent whilst still looking strong but this was a step too far. Kane is long past his best and is used as a stepping stone for talent anyway, so what is the point of having him beat one of the best faces in the WWE?

    I honestly have no idea what the WWE was thinking? Unless they have an ingenious plan for somewhere this feud could go, Orton is in some serious trouble.

5) Zack Ryder

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    Remember when Zack Ryder was being pushed beyond the moon. I'm sure most of you do as it didn't happen that long ago. He got main event matches, PPV bouts and a run with the United States Champion but that is all behind him. After a few months of being thrown about by Kane and being dumped by Eve he is stuck as just another mid-carder.

    However after all his campaigning through his YouTube show Z! True Long Island Story he managed to get a spot at WrestleMania in his first ever official match. He was placed in Team Teddy to face Team Johnny and picked up a could of big wins running up to the big event; it was looking good for him.

    Come the night it looked like Zack was going to win it for Teddy Long but when Eve came into the ring everything came crumbling down. He lost the match and was then treated with a punt to the groin but Diva Torres. The WrestleMania moment Ryder was looking for so dearly is now solidified in history and he will want to forget about it for the rest of his life.

4) Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes was going into WrestleMania with a lot of momentum. He had been terrorizing the Big Show for weeks, and although he hadn't competed much, he was looking very strong whenever he appeared. His intercontinental title reign was steadily growing and all fingers pointed towards him becoming the longest ever championship belt holder.

    When it finally came to stepping in the ring and facing the Big Show one-on-one, everything fell apart. Rhodes was simply no match for the world's largest athlete and was downed by a knockout punch.

    This match had a similar feel to the Kane/Orton match when it seemed only right that the younger superstars would come out with the win to propel them to better things. A win at WrestleMania would continue to do wonders for the career of Cody. Now though it seems he is without a title and a big loss where he should have had a win. The only thing Cody has gained is a chance to move to the main event as without a mid-card title he is able to advance to the World Heavyweight Title picture.

3) John Cena

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    The John Cena vs. The Rock match was just as we expected it to be: electrifying. Though one thing most fans weren't expecting was John Cena to lose. After so much hype for this match it only seemed logical to give the big win to the full-time wrestler in the bout. Yet that wasn't the case as Cena made a huge mistake getting caught with a Rock Bottom whilst being cocky.

    This is going to be a huge blow to Cena's character who has been talking about this match as the all or nothing of his career. Now that he has lost it does that mean it is all over? I know most people hate him and the whole CeNation thing, but let's face it, he is still the WWE's top dog. It will take Cena a long time to get back all he has lost in this major clash but I don't think it is the end of the world just yet for him...

2) Chris Jericho

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    Speaking of the "End of the World" when did Jericho say it was coming?

    Royal Rumble? No he got eliminated last by Sheamus.

    Elimination Chamber? No he was no longer able to compete.

    WrestleMania 28? No he lost cleanly through submission to CM Punk.

    Jericho's return is beginning to look like one of the worst returns of all time. He has failed at everything he has said he would do and the longer this streak is going, the worse he is looking. Unless he picks up soon we are going to begin to wonder why Jericho returned in the first place.

1) Daniel Bryan

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    18 Seconds.

    Yes you heard it right. Daniel Bryan lost his World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds to Sheamus at WrestleMania! This match was looking like it could be one of the best matches on the card and just the thought of seeing Bryan compete would of been amazing. But after the "kiss of death" from AJ and a swift Brogue Kick he was quickly put to one side in the event's opening contest.

    This is a massive blow for the ex-champion who would have looked a lot better in a longer/harded fought battle. Daniel Bryan now not only looks like a weak wrestler but will be remembered in history as the guy who lost his title in seconds on the grandest stage of them all!

    Good Luck Byran getting any momentum over the next several months