2012 NFL Draft: Potential Trading Partners for the Baltimore Ravens in Round 1

Dee LetedCorrespondent IApril 2, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Potential Trading Partners for the Baltimore Ravens in Round 1

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    Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens are usually pretty crafty come draft day. Following the "take the best player available" mantra, Newsome will seldom reach for a prospect. Generally this strategy has worked out well for Baltimore, and this year should be no different.

    If there isn't a player that the Ravens like and feel worthy of the 29th overall pick this year, then they'll likely start taking phone calls from teams that do see a prospect they must have.

    This year it seems like there are plenty of prospects that could warrant such calls, so I decided to take a look at some of the potential trading partners for the Ravens should they feel inclined to trade down when they're on the clock.  

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Potential Targets at No. 29:

    WR Alshon Jeffrey (South Carolina)

    DE Andre Branch (Clemson)

    DE Whitney Mercilus (Illinois)



    The Jags will likely target South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram with the seventh pick of the draft if wide receiver Justin Blackmon doesn't fall to them there, and if they feel Michael Floyd is a bit of a reach.

    If Ingram is the pick, they'll almost certainly be thinking receiver in Round 2. Alshon Jeffrey should still be available when the Ravens pick at No. 29, but he should be gone by the time Jacksonville picks in Round 2 (38th overall).

    The point differential between these picks on the trade value chart is about 120, so if the Jags were going by the chart, their third-round choice would be giving up too much for the pick, and their fourth round pick would be not enough.

    If they really want Jeffrey though, the Ravens may be able to work them for their third round pick in addition to pick No. 38, or they may be able to snag their fourth-rounder and a pick next year. Again, it really depends on what the Jags think of Jeffrey.

    If they do take a receiver at No. 7, they could be looking at one of the higher-tier pass-rushers that may fall to No. 29, but then again, so could the Ravens.



    After Alshon Jeffrey's solid pro day, this one could be a possibility.  

Carolina Panthers

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    Potential Targets at No. 29

    WR Alshon Jeffrey

    DE Andre Branch

    DE Whitney Mercilus

    DT Devon Still

    DT Jerel Worthy

    DT Kendall Reyes



    The Panthers have the ninth pick in the draft and will likely target a defensive lineman there. They need a defensive tackle more than they need a pass-rusher, but they could still opt for defensive end Quinton Coples in that spot because of the value he holds there.

    If they do take Coples at No. 9, they may get a bit antsy in waiting for a defensive tackle to fall to them in Round 2. The Ravens would be a good team to call if that's the case, as behind them, New England and St. Louis could be targeting defensive tackles like Devon Still or Kendall Reyes.

    The Panthers hold the eighth pick in Round 2 (No. 40 overall), which is about a 140 point differential on the trade value chart. They don't have a third-round pick, however, so the Ravens would likely be asking for their fourth- or fifth-round pick and another pick next year.

    The Panthers would still have some more holes to fill after this move, though, so they may decide to roll the dice and hope a tackle falls to them.



    Hey, it could happen. 

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Potential Targets at No. 29

    OT Mike Adams

    OT Jonathan Martin



    The Ravens could take advantage of the Eagles' desperation at the left tackle position here, as Jason Peters should be out for the entire season. They've brought in Demetrius Bell for interviews, but from the looks of it, they may not be willing to come to terms with him.

    That would leave Philly looking for a tackle in the draft, and Mike Adams should be available at No. 29. The Eagles have two second-round picks and the Giants will likely be eying Adams at No. 32, making this scenario even more likely.

    The Ravens probably won't be able to get both the Eagles' second-rounders (Nos. 46 and 51 overall) for No. 29 as they would come out about 200 points over, according to the trade value chart.

    However, they may be able to give up a later pick as well to even it out, or settle for one of the second-rounders and a third-round pick from Philly.



    If the Eagles can't land Demetrius Bell, this one is definitely in the realm of possibility.  

Seattle Seahawks

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    Potential Targets at No. 29

    DE Andre Branch

    DE Whitney Mercilus

    OLB Zach Brown

    CB Janoris Jenkins



    The Seahawks need a pass-rusher and a linebacker above all else in this draft, and depending on which way they go with the 12th pick, they could be looking to get their other position sooner than later.

    Seattle holds the 11th pick in the second round (No. 43 overall), which would be a a 150 point differential on the trade value chart. For the Ravens to get their third-round pick out of the deal, Seattle would have to really want whoever they'd be targeting.



    Relatively unlikely. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Potential Targets at No. 29

    HB Doug Martin (Boise State)

    HB Lamar Miller (Miami)



    Head coach Greg Schiano has indirectly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Bucs' current running back situation. He also appears to be very high on Alabama's Trent Richardson, but if the Browns take Richardson at No. 4, the Bucs will likely look for another back in Round 2.

    This one will depend on what Tampa thinks of Doug Martin or Lamar Miller, and how antsy they are to get a feature back. If they think highly of both backs, however, they'll likely stay put at No. 36 and hope that at least one of them falls there.



    Depends on which back they like, and how much. 

Indianapolis Colts

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    Potential Targets at No. 29

    TE Coby Fleener



    This scenario is a bit more far-fetched than the others considering how many holes the Colts have to fill on their roster, but don't rule it out completely.

    The Colts have nothing on the roster in terms of a tight end, which is a position that can act as somewhat of a security blanket for a young QB.

    Coby Fleener is back in first-round contention, and if he's still around at No. 29, Chuck Pagano could be dialing his former team to get a guy that Andrew Luck is very familiar with and could make his NFL transition a bit easier.

    While in a Colts fan's perfect world Fleener would fall to Indy at No. 34, that just doesn't seem all that likely at this point.

    The Colts would also only need to make up about 80 points on the trade value chart to accomplish this, which could come in the form of a mid-round pick or a pick next year.



    Probably won't happen, but it's worth mentioning.