5 Professions That Would Benefit from MMA Training

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIApril 3, 2012

5 Professions That Would Benefit from MMA Training

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    Believe it or not, MMA can do more than just entertain. 

    Training in the sport can be a great way to learn self-defense, stay in shape, and even save your life

    While the average person may not have to worry about life-or-death situations too much, there are certain professions where knowing some MMA can be of great assistance.

    Here is a list of some professions that would benefit greatly from MMA training. 

Police/Corrections Officer

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    When you deal with criminals ranging from drunk college students to convicted murderers, you may run into a few people who will try to use hand-to-hand combat.

    While police and corrections officers have their own training, learning some MMA moves will certainly make subduing a criminal even easier.

    Mirko Cro Cop, Forrest Griffin and Paulo Thiago were all members of law enforcement in their respected countries before turning to MMA full time.  

Club Bouncer

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    While bars and clubs are supposed to be places to enjoy dancing, drinking and watching UFC fights, they are also environments wildly conducive to fights and physical altercations. 

    Being a bouncer means you could run into people in all walks of life, including guys who could seem bigger and stronger. 

    But with some MMA training, size won't be as big a factor.

    Matt Hamill and Kimbo Slice were both bouncers before they found their way to MMA. 


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    Bodyguards are often thought of as big, Hulk-like guys who protect celebrities from potential harm. 

    But a bodyguard does not always have to be the biggest guy around. 

    As long as you have skill and you are able to maintain crowd control, size won't matter. 

    While many bodyguards may carry weapons, knowing some hand to hand is vital. Imagine if somebody like Jon Jones was there when you needed some extra protection

Military Soldier

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    MMA training and the military goes hand and hand. 

    We know that the military trains soldiers to subdue enemies, but fire fights and air strikes often over shadow that training. 

    Still, it's important for soldiers to know different aspects of combat. 

    There have been many MMA fighters over the years who have come from military backgrounds. Perhaps none are greater than Randy Couture, Tim Kennedy and Brian Stann. 

Secret Service Agent

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    When you have the life of the most powerful man in the free world in your hands, any and all forms of combat are needed. 

    While the suit, sunglasses and earpiece are intimidating, imagine if the guy behind the suit had the striking ability of Anderson Silva, takedowns like Chael Sonnen, or submissions like one of the Gracies.

    You know they are already well trained, but some MMA training would undoubtedly make them even more dangerous.