Video Viral of the Day: 4 Year Old Girl Smashes Young Boy in Crunching Tackle

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I'm not sure who taught this 4-year-old girl how to tackle, but if she were the daughter of Roy Keane I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Allow me to set the scene. There was some sloppy play from the girls straight from the kickoff.

As the whistle blows, the girls immediately lose possession by punting the ball forward to our unwitting victim.

Everyone knows that possession is important in football, so our ponytailed heroine seeks to hound the dark-haired male defender into a mistake. It works with devastating effect.

The young boy's first error is to turn square on to his foe with his head down, unaware he is about to get mangled.

The tackle is sharp, vicious, brutal and effective.

As the helpless boy lies face down, stationary in the dirt, our 4-year-old female chopper stands up and wipes her hands together in a moment of triumph.

"You just got owned," she whispers to him as he groans on the floor in pain...OK, I made that part up, but it helps the story.

Our male victim eventually rises to his feet after being spoken to by a woman who I can only presume is his mother. Meanwhile, our female tackler is given words of advice by an adult male, presumably along the lines of "That's my girl."

Unfortunately, the young boy will likely be ridiculed well into his teens for being poleaxed by a 4-year-old Emmanuel Petit lookalike.


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H/T to superbrowns4 for the footage.

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