WrestleMania 28 Live: Start Time and Online Stream for John Cena vs. the Rock

Alex HallCorrespondent IIIApril 1, 2012

After essentially 12 months of hype, trash talk and musical battles, Wrestlemania 28, headlined by John Cena versus The Rock, happens tonight at 7 p.m. EDT.

WWE.com's online stream for the historic battle and all the rest of the matches can be found here.

The Rock is returning to Wrestlemania for the first time in several years, taking on the face of the WWE in Cena in what is a clash of the idols of young adults and teenage generations of wrestling fans.

The Rock looked like he hadn't missed a step months ago when he returned to the ring to team with his Wrestlemania foe, but whenever a past favorite returns to the ring, there's always an element of rust to his game.

Cena will be preparing all five of his moves to throw at Rocky tonight, but in all seriousness, this is going to be one heck of a wrestling match. These are two of the hardest workers the WWE has employed in the past 20 years, so there's no way they give anything less than a stellar show.

As for who will win the bout, to borrow a Vince McMahon phrase, there's "no chance in [heck]" that The Rock comes back from a multi-year hiatus to pursue Hollywood and defeats the face of the company.

Cena recently said on Raw that he "has to win this match", and though that's his character talking more than anything, it's true. When The Rock and Hulk Hogan battled all those 'Manias ago, it was a generation versus generation battle to signify the passing of the torch from the face of yesteryear to that of the current one.

The WWE knows that huge names like The Undertaker, Triple H and The Rock are all on their way to hanging up the boots forever. Cena needs to win tonight to symbolize that he is "the man", the face of the company, just like Rock and Hogan were before him.