WWE: Wrestlemania Predictions for Every Match

Nick SignorelliSenior Writer IApril 1, 2012

WWE: Wrestlemania Predictions for Every Match

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    The Super Bowl of wrestling. The event that is the cornerstone of the WWE. The first wrestling PPV ever, and the day that every wrestling fan waits to see.

    Just like every year, this WrestleMania has been built up as the best ever. Only this time, it actually may be.

    Between Triple H vs Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell Match and Cena vs The Rock, the Championship matches have taken a back seat.

    Either way, we are only a few short hours away from possibly the greatest wrestling card of all time.

    Here, I am going to save everyone the money, and tell you who is going to win each match, and why.

    So, sit back, enjoy the article, then come back on Sunday Night to tell me exactly how crazy I was for making my selections.

Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos vs Beth Phoenix and Eve

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    There are a few schools of thought on this match, but the reality is, this is probably the easiest match to predict.

    Yes, Kelly Kelly is nowhere near in the ring as good as either Beth Phoenix or Eve, and she is the stronger wrestler of her team.

    The reality is, having Maria Menounos on her team pretty much guarantees that Kelly Kelly is going to have her arm raised at the end of this match.

    It is not often that the WWE is going to let a celebrity lose.

    There can be a few different reasons for Phoenix and Eve to lose, most likely is because Karma is going to destroy one or the other. But, that isn't how I think this is going to end up.

    What is probably going to happen is, Eve is going to turn on Beth so that they can meet in the near future for the Divas title.

Tag Team Triple Threat Match

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    Triple Threat matches are always tricky, and hard to predict.  The best way to start is to look at each of the teams.




    Primo and Epico.  Were given the titles because Evan Bourne was unable to stay out of trouble with his second suspension in less than two months.  They have done a good job, but the strongest draw is Rosa Mendes.



    Uso Brothers.  These guys have had numerous chances to be a great tag team, but they simply aren't good enough.  Hate me if you want, but honestly I don't see these guys even being employed by the WWE at this time next year.



    Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.  This is the most interesting possibility I have seen.  For some reason, the WWE has decided to put these two together, and could be a great team.





    I don't believe that WWE has any intention of having the Uso Brothers win this match, so why are they in it?  Simple, so Primo and Epico can lose the titles without having to lose the match.

    Gabriel and Kidd have not spent much time together in the ring, but both are above average in the ring, and better than the other four they will be fighting.



    Winners, and NEW Tag Team Champions: Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd.

Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes vs Big Show

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    Big show is a clown. He has been Vince McMahon's punching bag for years.

    As Cody Rhodes has pointed out over the last month and a half, Show has been the man WWE has put celebrities up against, so the celebrity can win.

    And Show has lost all of those matches with grace. But, that isn't why I am picking Big Show to win this match.

    Cody Rhodes has been the IC Champion for a LONG time, and at some point, the WWE is going to have to move him into the main event picture, and that can't happen as long as he holds the Intercontinental Championship.

    It is time for Cody to move up, and with the results of the rest of the card, it is going to be obvious that it is time for Rhodes to take the next step in his career.



    Winner and NEW Intercontinental Champ, The Big Show.

Randy Orton vs Kane

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    I am SO disappointed how WWE Creative has built up this match. This could have been a chance for these two to have an amazing program against each other.

    Between Randy Orton and some of the evil things he has done in the past, to Kane and what he has done, I honestly expected a lot more than what we have seen so far.

    Neither one has done nearly what they have done in the past, and it is almost like creative had two Super Stars available, so they said "why not?", and booked the match.

    The lead up has been WAY less than spectacular, and almost like they are both going through the motions instead of showing that either is even interested in this match.

    That being said, if the WWE is going to make anyone believe that Kane WITH the mask on is any better than Kane without the mask on, Kane is going to have to win this match.

    If not, then Kane will have lost BOTH rivalries since putting the mask back on, and pretty much killing the monster he is supposed to be.

    Losing the match will not be too big of a deal for Orton, because as soon as Wade Barrett is healthy enough to wrestle again, I am sure that he and Orton will be starting their match.



    Winner: Kane

Team Teddy vs Team Johnny

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    Is it just me, or does this seem to be the best time to go grab a snack or use the rest room?  Lets take a look at the two teams.



    Team Johnny:


    Jack Swagger - One of the biggest under achievers over the last year.

    Drew McIntire - Total waste of talent to this point. This guy should be getting pushes and challenging for gold, instead they have him losing more than The Brooklyn Brawler.

    David Otunga - If this guy practices law like he wrestles, I hope if I am ever in legal trouble he is NOT my court appointed attorney.

    Mark Henry - Rumored to be on his way out of the company.

    Nicky, I mean Dolph Ziggler - Great talent, not being used anywhere NEAR the way he should be.

    The Miz - Got into this match, even though he has a 45 match losing streak?  Really?



    Team Teddy:


    Zack Ryder - Does anyone even care about this guy anymore?

    Kofi Kingston - The Dolph of team Teddy.

    Santino Marella - It amazes me that this guy is still wrestling. TNA wouldn't hire him.

    R-Truth - Didn't the WWE try to have him a face in the past?  How did that work out?  FAILURE!

    The Average Khali - One of the worst big wrestlers in the history of the business.

    Booker T - I honestly believe that creative simply couldn't find anyone else to be in this match, so it was between Booker and Jerry Lawler.



    Honestly, as important as this match is supposed to be, they simply don't have the talent to make this even interesting.





    This match is probably going to have about a half a dozen endings. Teddy will restart the match, then Johnny will restart the match, and this will happen about 82 times. Vince McMahon will come out, throw BOTH men out of ringside, and fire both of them.

    At least, that is what I am hoping for.

    But, that isn't going to happen. Team Johnny is going to win this match, because after Triple H is done with his match, he is going to go back to his issues with Johnny, and that will lead to the match at SummerSlam that is going to get rid of Johnny for good.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan

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    By winning The Royal Rumble, Sheamus got to choose which champion he would face at WrestleMania. Daniel Bryan or CM Punk.

    Pretty easy choice, if you ask me.

    Daniel Bryan has made a total wimp out of himself since winning the title, and even though it is his character, his character is getting pretty old.

    But, as I said earlier, it is time for Cody Rhodes to get a run at fighting for the World Championship, and I honestly don't believe that a match up between Rhodes and Bryan would be as good as a match between Sheamus and Rhodes.

    I am predicting that Sheamus wins the World Heavyweight Championship, and his future is Cody Rhodes.

Chris Jericho vs CM Punk

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    I honestly believed before the Hell in a Cell match between Triple H and Undertaker was announced that this match would steal the show.

    Though I am not crazy about the way creative has taken this feud in the way they have, reality is, once these two step into the ring, they are going to put on an amazing show.

    But, to predict a winner, I am going to have to go with CM Punk, for a few reasons.

    For starters, the WWE has already seen three titles change hands, and I honestly don't think they are going to have all of them change hands on the same night.

    Add to that, Jericho is rumored to be leaving for most if not all of the summer to go back to Fozzy and tour, having him win the title against Punk just doesn't make sense.

Undertaker vs Triple H

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    I have to be honest, prior to this match being announced, I was not even going to buy the PPV this time. Once it was announced, I was ready to pay even more.

    Maybe because it is Hell in a Cell, maybe because it is probably going to be the last Attitude match that will ever take place, and maybe it is because of the possibility that this is 'Taker's last match.

    Any way, I have to say that this should be the best match on the card, and it should be OLD SCHOOL!

    Do I think HBK is going to interfere in this match? Not a chance. Knowing that this is going to be the last match possibly ever for 'Taker, I don't think the WWE would dare do something like that.

    This match is going to be a throwback to matches we haven't had the pleasure of watching in over a decade. This is two of the most brutal and most experienced wrestlers today, and both have made their living in the cell.

    What I think this really comes down to is that 'Taker has stated that he does not want to finish his career with the undefeated streak in tact. And if he loses, then his career really is over.

    For Triple H to be the one to end his career, will give him an even bigger persona heading into the future, and that is what is best for business in the WWE.



    The winner, Triple H.

John Cena vs the Rock

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    The Super Hero vs The People's Champ.

    PG Era vs Attitude Era.

    WWF vs WWE.

    John Cena vs The Rock.

    This match has been over a year in the making, and it all comes to a head Sunday Night.

    John Cena has been the poster boy for the WWE since The Rock left to make movies. Though the two of them have had numerous verbal battles over the last month, it has never gotten physical.

    Why not?

    For starters, WWE could never have one of them cheap shot the other. Rocky is trying to sell movie tickets, and for Super Man to actually be the one that starts the fight is bad for his image.

    If you are being honest, the verbal battles have favored John Cena, and the Rock simply seems out of practice. Remember, it has been eight years since he did this on a regular basis.

    But, the winner of this match has nothing to do with John Cena or the Rock. The winner of this match MUST be the WWE.

    For The Rock to win this match, it will validate the fact that Cena is nothing compared to the Attitude Era, and because of that, the PG Era is not as good.

    It will also state that the product we are watching is less than what it was, so that will not work for the WWE, either.

    If you listened to the face to face at the end of Raw, Cena said how he always wins. And love him or hate him, he does. The WWE can not simply have their poster boy lose to a movie star. It can't happen.

    Now, I think there is still an outside chance that there is going to be some kind of outside interference, and quite honestly that wouldn't surprise me. But, if this match ends clean, there is only one way that it can end.

    The winner is John Cena.