Christian's WWE Return

GregCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2009


Okay, i'm new at this so cut me some slack, but one main topic going around is will Christian Cage (Jason Reso) return to the WWE?

Yes, he will, and he will be a heel.

Supposedly, the storyline is that the driver who hit Jeff Hardy was Christian, and some people believe that he messed with his pyro (I don't agree with that one, but that's your opinion).

I believe Christian will be a heel, probably coming into the Royal Rumble screwing Jeff out of the title, or possibly winning the Rumble. I could see him fighting for the title at Wrestlemania now that TNA made him a huge title contender.

If he does help Edge win the title, I am really hoping for them to become a tag team again (i would really like them to go back to the Attitude era team, but the WWE is too serious now for their jokes, their only sense of humor is the Boogeyman tossing worms down someone's throat) this might even bring back up the tag team division.

Okay, that is my first article, thanks for listening.