2012 NFL Draft | Is Ryan Tannehill Being Set Up to Fail?

Lee Johnson@FantasyFBSchemeSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2012

Are the Browns, Dolphins, and media expecting too much?
Are the Browns, Dolphins, and media expecting too much?Bob Levey/Getty Images

Coming into the draft season, there were a number of quarterback-hungry teams. Since then, the Seattle Seahawks have dropped out of that race by signing the two-game wonder that is Matt Flynn. Several teams were chasing Peyton Manning, but all except the Denver Broncos failed.

When the dust settles, the Cleveland Browns (with the fourth pick )and the Miami Dolphins (eighth) are the teams that are considered most likely to be targeting a QB. With both of these teams landing within the top 10 picks of the 2012 NFL Draft, that creates a spot for a third QB to be drafted high. Is Ryan Tannehill a top 10 caliber QB, or is he a QB going to a top 10 team?

In the 2011 NFL Draft, Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder were both drafted higher than expected. A month before the draft, neither was expected to go as high. The weight of struggling franchises were put on their shoulders. A year later, there is talk of a need for a QB in Jacksonville. If the Dolphins or the Browns draft Tannehill, the same will be expected of him. The Dolphins have a potential "start until the new guy is ready" veteran in David Garrard, but chances are he wouldn't last long with a fresh, possible franchise QB in the wings. Cleveland is either with or without Colt McCoy. If they take Tannehill, it is for him to start now because McCoy isn't going to be the guy.

While media hype does wonders for athletes that need to improve their draft stock, it can also set a prospect up for failure by propelling him to a position for which he was not ready. We even noted last month that he was the best available quarterback. I'm not writing this to say that Ryan Tannehill is not ready. I'm writing this to plant the seed that the media may have created his stock when we are reflecting if he is a bust or not after his rookie season.