Will The Yankees Land A Switch Pitcher In The 2008 Draft?

Jeremy KaufmanSenior Analyst IFebruary 27, 2008

Up until this point in the modern baseball era, the Major Leagues have never seen a true switch pitcher.

With the exception of only one inning pitched by a man named Greg Harris, the very conception of a switch pitcher has been deemed a myth; a fantasy that will only exist with the fragments of our imagination. However, that may be about to change.

Pat Venditte is a star switch pitcher for Creighton College. Ever since the tender age of three, his father has been training him to be just that; a pitcher of equal dominance with either throwing arm. Armed with a double-sided glove, Venditte has been dominating hitters at the Division 1 college level and is just about ready to step up to the big leagues.

What makes me so sure he will even get drafted? Well, he already was.

Last year, Venditte was selected in the 45th round of the draft by the New York Yankees. However, Venditte opted to finish his college career prior to entering the Major League ranks.

This year, however, we can expect to see Venditte drafted again, and this time he would expectedly accept. “When you’ve got somebody who’s a switch-pitcher who can get people out, that’s as unique as it can get. Let’s take a shot.” This quote was given by the Yankees’ scouting director and appeared in the New York Times. I think it’s safe to say that this kid is the real deal.

Therefore, in the next couple of years, baseball fans might be seeing history in the making. I personally really hope it happens on the Yankees.