WrestleMania 28 Results: 20 Things We Learned from the Event

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIApril 2, 2012

WrestleMania 28 Results: 20 Things We Learned from the Event

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    Low and behold, it delivered. The WrestleMania we all wanted lived up to the standard we expected, and then some.

    And there were title changes and fireworks as well.

    There is nothing like WrestleMania and, personally, I loved every minute of it.

    Now we can only hope that the results lead to better feuds and more exciting angles in the months to come leading up to SummerSlam.

    We saw CM Punk win in a great match, John Cena's split-second mistake and then the "Hell in a Cell" match which defied odds and made me proud to be a fan of this "soap opera."

    And yes, it delivered. Give or take a match or two, it delivered. And the best thing is, there is great momentum heading into the spring, Extreme Rules and then SummerSlam.

    Here is what we learned from WrestleMania 28 tonight.

Kiss of Death

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    It looked like a great thing when Daniel Bryan got a love peck from his lovely girlfriend, AJ Lee.

    But Sheamus would have none of that.

    Sheamus, the Big White, decided that a kick was worth a thousand words and took care of business.

    We have a new world heavyweight champion.

    And it took only 18 seconds.

The Big Show Steals the Show

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    After 233 days as the intercontinental champion, Cody Rhodes finally fell.

    And the Big Show finally had his WrestleMania 28 moment. And both looked good doing it.

    Rhodes sold for Big Show, who has been ridiculed for years as someone who cannot win in the biggest pay-per-view moments.

    Big Show finally got revenge and showed he really was the bigger man.

    And this sets up nicely for a Sheamus/Rhodes feud.

Kane Avenged the Loss to Randy Orton

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    And Orton again in a PPV sold for the elder statesman.

    Kane and Orton looked better than we thought they would. Somehow this is a match I think should have been higher on the match chain.

    Does this stop the feud or is it something that could have some legs?

    I would love to see the feud continue.

The Women's Match Was Useless

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    Four hot women in a match that meant nothing.

    It proves that first Kelly Kelly could win in her home town and that celebrity matches need to be better than this.

    A great interlude, but not a good match at all.

Jim Ross Is Still the Best

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    Having Jim Ross call the Hell in a Cell match was the best thing that could have happened for both The Undertaker and Triple H.

    Having Ross behind the mic was like having Gordon Solie call Harley Race and Ric Flair.

    It was truly golden. And he should have been the commentator the entire night.

Undertaker Went Old School

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    It was the best I could have hoped for.

    The Undertaker takes his reign to 20-0. The match in Hell in a Cell was awesome.

    Take away Shawn Michaels, who was good at first but wasn't needed in this match. Seeing the Undertaker give it everything he had and walking the top rope was amazing.

    The beginning of the match showed HHH could still sell for 'Taker and the look of the man upon arrival was truly gripping.

Undertaker's Entrance Is Still the Best Ever

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    I have seen entrances before like Ric Flair, Sting and even Shawn Michaels. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the Undertaker.

    The drones and the sounds and the hollow feeling it represents is truly chilling. Not only does it sound that way, but if you have heard it in person, it echoes through you.

    Tonight, when 'Taker came to the ring, everyone was on their feet. He resonates in everyone, and for the past 20 years, it has been the calling card of the best in the business. Period.

Shawn Michaels Looked Like a Man Torn Between Two Lovers

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    It's a bad play on an old song, but I appreciate (although it was not warranted) that Michaels was involved and he looked to call the match down the line, but it was a conflict that was not needed.

    The middle of the match was slow and Michaels held it up. Had it been Charles Robinson in the ring the whole time, it could have gone differently.

    Michaels served a purpose, but was truly a man without a country and on an island.

The Ending and Mutual Respect for Each Wrestler Was Awesome

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    It was truly an end of an era. After the match the admiration for all three Hall of Famers was the best thing I have ever seen in wrestling.

    HHH, HBK and The Dead Man have defined an era that cannot be brought back.

    While John Cena and The Rock crossed generations and eras, these three exemplify the dying breed of the "Attitude Era."

    And watching them all walk off together was almost tear-jerking to me.

Seeing Edge in Tears Was Worth It

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    When they introduced the new members of the Hall of Fame, I wondered how Edge would respond. The music was alive, the fans on their feet and Edge was in tears.

    He should still be in the ring.

    I was not a big fan of Edge being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame so early when there are others fitting who are not (Randy Savage). Now I see the tears and the love he had for the business and the fans miss him.

Eve Is a Hoeski

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    She cost Team Teddy the match. I thought that the other members of the team would turn on Zack Ryder, but the brunette b**ch turned on Zack, "again."

    Look for Eve to now take a more prominent role in the show and while she wants to be "The Diva" you have to wonder what happens with Beth Phoenix being her new playmate.

    And I did not mean that in a good way.

Everything Runs Through John Laurinaitis

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    He won the match (actually The Miz did) and now he controls the company so to speak.

    What happens now and how will he keep peace?

    Will the draft come now and will wrestlers finally balance out?

    And what happens to The Miz now that he helped Johnny Ace achieve his goal?

Can We Please See Aksana and Vicki Guerrero in the Ring?

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    That is more than once we have seen the two of them go at it.

    Please get them in the ring. We all should be allowed to see what Vicki can do in the ring, but better yet, it would be awesome to see Aksana kick her ass.

    Is there any chance that we see Eve and Aksana jump into a rivalry or are we all sit watching Kelly Kelly and Eve grab at each other's hair?

Was That Alex Rodriguez in a Members Only Jacket?

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    OK, forget about that.

    Didn't Torrie Wilson look hot?

    The WWE needs to bring her back to the fold.

    Anything with Torrie in it cannot be bad at all.

Jericho/Punk Lived Up to the Hype

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    At first I thought this match would suck because of the stipulation John Laurinaitis put on CM Punk and losing his temper he would lose the title.

    But honestly, Punk, Jericho and Daniel Bryan are the three best wrestlers in the company today and the match lived up to the hype.

    I think this was the best match I have seen in a while when it comes to chain wrestling. Reminds me of Jericho in WCW when he was more of a cruiserweight.

    And the fact the two could not beat each other was a testament to the style they bring to the ring.

Brodus Clay Has to Go

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    I cannot see the justification in Clay and the WWE?

    He needs a challenger and new path. The gimmick was pretty good for a few weeks, but it now falls short.

    There is something to be said for the cartoon characters of the 1980s WWF. Clay belongs there.

    The new era and the brand today must make him look foolish.

The Rock Brought It to South Beach

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    The Rock and John Cena started with a flurry, slowed down in the middle and then picked up in the end.

    And in the end, the man from Miami won.

    It looked like Cena, who was slow and almost too deliberate during the match (it was not as good as I thought it would be) mocked his competitor and lost.

    Somehow, The Rock could not lose in his home town and Cena played the card well, put up a good fight and then lost in the end.


Miami Was the Right Location for This Event

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    The weather was perfect, outdoors was perfect and the scene was perfect.

    Having friends there this week, they described it as a true "Super Bowl" atmosphere.

    If locations make the event, then Miami needs to be on the WWE radar as a place to come back to.

    While MSG, Washington D.C. and big venues like Los Angeles, Toronto and Chicago are popular, Miami brings out the celebs and the heat.

What Is This Going to Do for Cena?

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    The look on John Cena's face after the match said it all. What will happen?

    What about a rematch. Maybe Michael Cole was right—that no one lost tonight, that the person with the last possession won?

    Who knows, but Cena looked like a beaten man, much like Bobby Roode when he lost at Bound for Glory against Kurt Angle.

    Is a "heel" turn finally in Cena's future?

New Rivals Start Tomorrow

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    What happens with Daniel Bryan?

    What happens between Chris Jericho and CM Punk?

    Does John Cena get a title shot?

    All these questions get answers starting tomorrow night when we see John Laurinaitis in action on Raw.